2017年5月24日 (水)

A highlight video of Chinese gybes & Getting dismasted ... enjoy!

Scuttlebuttlogo2A highlight video of Chinese gybes & Getting dismasted ... enjoy!
Scuttlebutt Sailing News

PHOTOS: This Does Not End Well
Scuttlebutt Sailing News, Published on April 30th, 2017 
Sharon Green caught a Santa Cruz 27 getting dismasted during Santa Barbara Yacht Club’s beercan racing on April 26.
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VIDEO: Chinese Gybes are never tasty

Scuttlebutt Sailing News, Published on May 23rd, 2017
The round down is always a bummer. Video below published on May 23, 2017.
<iframe width="620" height="350" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/fz4VxnUmJlw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

*Chinese gybe  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Chinese gybe on a sailing vessel is a type of gybe where the upper section of the main sail moves across the boat, filling from the opposite side, whilst the lower section and boom remain on the original side of the vessel. It contrasts with a normal gybe, where the whole sail moves across the boat as the boat turns its stern through the wind. A Chinese gybe is usually induced by too little tension on the vang or kicking strap, allowing the boom to rise up and the leech of the sail to twist excessively.
The term can be used in a different sense, in which a Chinese gybe is a gybe caused when a boat rolls excessively to windward (usually when running downwind), causing an unexpected and/or uncontrolled change in course (specifically bearing off dangerously). This sense of the term is similar to death roll.

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2017年5月22日 (月)




レース公示pdf:「Notice_of_Race2017ver2.pdf」をダウンロード 帆走指示書pdf:「SailingInstructions2017.pdf」をダウンロード
大会ウエブサイト: http://middleboat-kansai.com/index.php/2017spr_cmp/

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2017年5月17日 (水)

読者からの質問と回答 「レースのスタート - U旗規則」

>RRS2017-2020においてRRS30.3 「U旗規則」が新設されました。
このU旗規則を含め、レースのスタート時の「準備信号」に何を用いればいいのか? その根拠となるのはなにか? ヒントがあれば教えてください。(K.O)

(1) 新規則「U旗規則」は、別名Soft BlackKinder gentler Black と呼ばれるように、従来からある「黒色旗規則」のペナルティー部分を緩和したものです。

(2) RRS26レースのスタートによると準備信号には下記6種がある。
 P旗- ペナルティー無し
 I旗- 規則30.1を適用
Rrs_start_2_3 Z旗- 規則30.2を適用
 I旗とZ 規則30.1と30.2を適用
 U旗ー 規則30.3を適用
 黒色旗- 規則30.4を適用

 ・ P旗だけのスタートに越したことはない。
 ・ より厳しいスタート・ペナルティーへと進めていく。(条項番順に)
・ P旗---(ゼネラル・リコール)--->I旗---(ゼネラル・リコール)--->黒色旗の順番で適用することがケースが多い。
 ・ レース日程の進捗との拘わりも一つの要素。
 ・ クラスが定める「チャンピオンシップ・ルール」とか「標準帆走指示書」等にガイド・ラインが示されている場合もある。(スナイプ級、J/24クラス)

(3) レースのスタートについての助言


  ・ Z旗・U旗および黒色旗規則は、スタート信号前の1分間に、スタート・ラインの両端と最初のマークとで作られる三角形に艇があるか」の判定が必須で、1艇の信号艇だけでは三角形の判定はできない。 (RRS30.2, 30.3, 30.4)
  ・ 次に、P旗スタートをはじめとし、個別リコール(OCS)判定のためには、艇が「スタート・ラインのコース・サイドか、それともどちらかの延長線のコース・サイドにあるか」を見極めるためには、ピンエンドにも信号艇が必須となる。Z旗・U旗および黒色旗スタート時も同様。 RRS29)
・ 結論として、消去法により、「I旗規則」しか適用できない。RRS30.1) 

  ・ 6種すべての準備信号(P旗・I旗・Z旗・U旗および黒色旗)が適用できる。

   ・ Z旗・U旗および黒色旗規則は適用できない。
   ・ なぜなら、「スタート・ラインの両端と最初のマークとで作られる三角形」の判定ができないはずのため。


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2017年5月11日 (木)

America’s Cup Endeavour O’pen - Half-time show

Ac35endeavouropen_com_news_201705_2Ac_village_and_ob_course_1From: "C W" ccc@www.co.uk
To: "S Y" sss@nifty.com
Subject: Half-time show
Date: Thu, 11 May 2017 06:40:45 +0100

Half-time show: All thirty-two O’pen BIC entrants have been selected for the America’s Cup Finals and the AC Endeavour O’pen, in Bermuda on June 15-18. The final six spots were earned at the 38-boat O’pen BIC Bermuda Nationals on May 6-7. Representing Bermuda will be Sebastian Kempe, Gabrielle Brackstone, Aiden Lopes, Gen Lau, Christopher Raymond, and Jessie DeBrag.

The thirty-two sailors will be competing directly in front of the America’s Cup Grand Stands, June 15 and 16, and then will be the America’s Cup Half Time Show on the first day of the AC Finals, June 17. On Sunday, June 18, the O’pen BICs will also be putting on an exhibition of O’pen BIC foiling and freestyle, show casing a new age in junior sailing.

and .....
Everybody is doing it: Kind of like when we added sails to skateboards to mess around, now everyone is seeing what they can add foils to. As shown in this video, the O’pen BIC has proven to be a good enough platform to elevate. See video.

Official website: http://ac35endeavouropen.com/news/o-pen-bic-sailors-now-confirmed-for-the-america-s-cup-finals

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/qqk5OnHvdu8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Youth America's Cup - Team BDA (Bermuda) http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2017/04/youth-americas.html
2017-03-03Three (3) regattas in America's Cup http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2017/03/3-regattas-in-a.html

Scuttlebutt Sailing News
Published on May 10th, 2017
America’s Cup: Rumors, Capsizes, and Youthful fun: http://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2017/05/10/marching-toward-americas-cup/
「www_sailingscuttlebutt_com_2017_05_10_marching-toward-americas-cup.jpg」をダウンロード  「www.sailingscuttlebutt 2017_05_10_marching-toward-americas-cup.pdf」をダウンロード

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2017年4月29日 (土)

JSAF外洋内海主催 B級ジャッジ認定(新規)講習会

Jsafb_seminarJSAF外洋内海主催 B級ジャッジ認定(新規)講習会


B級ジャッジ認定(新規)講習会 5月14日(日)9:30から
主催 JSAF外洋内海
2017514日 受付 930分~ セミナー10時~17
西宮ヨットハーバー会議室 西宮市西宮浜4丁目16-1 079833-0651
申込期限 201757日 
JSAF外洋内海eメール yff62765@nifty.com 電話 090-7487-1472

JSAFルール委員会 http://www.jsaf.or.jp/hp/about/committee/rule
:「bnbnewnotice.pdf」をダウンロード 日程:「bnewitiran20170306.pdf」をダウンロード

 JSAF外洋内海ルール委員会 http://jsaf-naikai.jp/ email: yff62765@nifty.com

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第7回関空一周ヨットレース2017 エントリー締切 76艇! 成績

Akixyr_entry_list_no17回関空一周ヨットレース2017 エントリー締切 76 艇!
10:55     「岬町長杯ヨットレース」のスタート予告信号(2レースを予定)
14:0016:00「関空一周ヨ ットレース」のみ参加の艇受付/出艇申告
17:00~    ウェルカムパーティー(大阪府立青少年海洋センター特設会場)

08:25      「関空一周ヨットレース」のスタート予告信号(2レースを予定)
16:00      タイムリミット
17:00      表彰式(大阪ベイ淡輪ヨットクラブハウス前)

:「2017_notice_kanku_2017.pdf」をダウンロード 帆走指示書(2):「2017_kankuaroundsiver101.pdf」をダウンロード 「2017_misakicupsi_010.pdf」をダウンロード 裁量ペナルティーポリシー:「2017_dp_policy.pdf」をダウンロード

Akixyr_entry_list_no2_2関連記事:2017-02-08「第7回関空一周ヨットレース2017 - Around the Kansai International Airport Yacht Race http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2017/02/72017---around-.html

2017-05-05追加:成績, 2017-05-19修正(Corinthianのみ)
  Kanku_yachtrace_net_result_a_b Kanku_yachtrace_net_result_c_irc

成績pdf:「misakicup2017result_ver2.pdf」をダウンロード  「kanku2017result.pdf」をダウンロード

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2017年4月28日 (金)

World’s 15 Riskiest Sports

Infographic_22Infographic_12World’s 15 Riskiest Sports

Scuttlebuttlogo2Scuttlebutt Sailing News
Published on April 18th, 2017

If you like your sports with a bit more in the way of adrenaline, what would that list include? The team at SBO.net – an online betting site – have compiled some of the craziest, most death-defying sports in the world, from base-jumping off buildings to facing down the horns of a bull.

While high speed sailing didn’t make the cut, 15 events have been identified, each with the number of deaths, locations it’s done, and important facts – as well as a risk factor, so you can find one just right for how deadly you want to go.

All of the sports are risky – but some take it a step further. Here are some of the riskiest sports:

Copy:「www.sailingscuttlebutt World’s 15 Riskiest Sports.pdf」をダウンロード 「www_sailingscuttlebutt_worlds_15_riskiest_sports_90.jpg」をダウンロード
「infographic_12.jpg」をダウンロード 「infographic_22.jpg」をダウンロード
List: 「worlds_15_riskiest_sports_list.pdf」をダウンロード

Related articles:2017-04-15「World's Biggest Sports」 http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2017/04/worlds-biggest.html

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2017年4月25日 (火)

QUESTION FROM A FAN; Interesting Starting Line

>Subject: Interesting Finish Line
>Dear Sir,

>I have been looking for a rule or case study that accepts a finish line that is moving.
>Can I ask what rule or case would allow a moving mark to be acceptable.

>Mark Boat is to set finish line.
>1. Buoy is set as mark.
>2. RIB used to set other end of finish line at 90 degrees to previous mark.
Garda_rc_1>3. Anchor is broken and light. Ride line is short. 15 knots wind. RIB can NOT hold position.
>4. Committee decides RIB driver will do his best to hold finish line position. The driver works very hard for hours but impossible to hold same position.
>5. Result: Every finishing boat had different finish line. Time keepers position moving up to 15 meters between boats.
>This is OK ? Under which rule or case study?

>Solution was to bring new heavier anchor and rode line we had time. Not sure why committee did not send a runner with new anchor.
>No spare boat? No safety boat? No spare anchor? ......not sure.

>Thank you. (M.S)

Such situations do not occur every time, but rarely exist.
Id like to introduce two examples in my inexperience for sailboat regattas.

Img_0035testImg_0045testExample #1: J/24 World Championship 2000
NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND, USA  September 22-29,2000
<Sailing Instructions>
10.7 If weather conditions require, the Signal boat and the Line End boats may keep their position with the aid of the motors. This shall not be grounds for requests for redress.

14.3 If weather conditions require, the finishing line mark boat may keep its position with the aid of the motors. This shall not be ground for requests for redress.

J24_usa_starting_lines<Background and Comment>
The organizing authority for this regatta is the Ida Lewis Yacht Club and Sail Newport in conjunction with the International J/24 Class Association. The racing venues are Rhode Island Sound and Narragansett Bay at Newport, Rhode Island, USA where are the most suitable place for racing, but difficult area to conduct races. Because the sea depth is not so deep about 30-40m, but the tide is strong and the topography is complicate. Then it often happens that the anchor drags. The Race committee boats may keep its position with the aid of the motors under the SI 10.7 and SI14.3.

For such situations, the indispensable condition is making sure of capable boat drivers.
As you know well, Newport is famous as a sacred place of America's Cup. Many expert race officers are there. It is just an American sailing history with 166 years’ tradition.

Left side photo: from the left, Editor, Mr. Brad Read (J/24 World 2000 champion), the late Mr. T and  Mr. I)
Right side photo: International Jury members, Alex, Grame, Tuna
SIs pdf:「j24_world_championship_2000_sis_word.pdf」をダウンロード

Garda_map2Garda_map1Example #2: XXVI LAKE GARDA MEETING OPTIMIST CLASS 2008
FRAGLIA VELA RIVA, ITALY 20th - 23rd March 2008

<Background and Comment>
The regatta venue is at Riva Del Garda in the northern end of Lake Garda, Italy. The Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. It is a popular holiday location and is located in northern Italy. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Garda)
When all is said and done, the depth of water is marvelous. According to the geography, Average depth is 136 m (446 ft) and Max. depth is "346 m (1,135 ft)". Therefore, the Race committee must use concrete anchors instead of normal iron anchors under financial and environmental circumstances.

See attached map photos which were taken by editor at the entrance of club house in year 2008, 2013. It is confirmed by photos that the lake depth is 350m.
The other photos show a concrete anchor and a water-soluble rope. They will sometimes be disposable.

And through unavoidable circumstances, the Race committee boats may keep its position with the aid of the motors as well as an example of Newport, USA.
For such situations, the indispensable condition is making sure of capable boat drivers. Lake Garda is also famous because at where world championships and international regattas are held seven or eight events every year. Lots of expert race officers gather together from all over Italy. It is Garda's sailing tradition.

Map photo: 「garda_map2.jpg」をダウンロード
Garda Meeting NoR:「2008_garda_meeting_nor.pdf」をダウンロード

1. This subject is not under RRS, but a matter of race conduct.
2. That is the best thing for you NOT to do such the conduct. No capable driver is here and there.
3. Such situations rarely exist. But the action of the signal boat and/or the line end boats must be described beforehand on the Sailing Instructions.

Wishing you a very happy season with good wind in your sails!

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2012-11-29「Farewell Tuna」 http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2012/11/farewell-tuna.html
2012-12-05「Tunaさんを偲んで」 http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2012/12/tuna-611e.html
2015-01-15「Handling Leeward Gates (風下ゲートの操船)」 http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2015/01/handling-leewar.html

2011-07-13「 'Protect your yacht club!' leading sailor advice - Gary Jobson」 http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2011/07/protect-your-ya.html

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2017年4月19日 (水)

Has The Optimist Evolved Too Far?

Www_sailingscuttlebutt_com_2017_0_2Has The Optimist Evolved Too Far?
Scuttlebuttlogo2Scuttlebutt Sailing News
Published on April 16th, 2017

The Optimist has introduced more kids to sailing than other boat, and is the dominant international class for youth competition. While the primary goal during the youth years is to instill the love of sailing, the influence of racing can impact the priorities.

As builders are vying to supply the fastest boats, there apparently remains enough wiggle room to improve on this 70 year old design. However, when new models come out, parents might need to step up to keep their kids from getting stepped on. This reality just hit Carlo Cagna as he shares in this report:
Opti2_gif_3Being how the Optimist is a one design class, should this be allowed? Is this a favoring of some kind to bigger builders? We visited the website of the manufacturer http://www.winneroptimist.dk/optimist/3d-star > and it’s real as they are advertising these faster boats.

How can the Optimist class accept this? I am eager to hear from others about this situation.

Full story:「www_sailingscuttlebutt_has_the_optimist_evolved_too_far.pdf」をダウンロード

Www_winneroptimist_dk_optimist_3d_3Winner Optimist ApS:

3D STAR Complett:「2017_-_DenMark_3D_STAR_packed_price.pdf」をダウンロード
3D STAR Hull:「2017_-_DenMark_3D_STAR_UK.pdf」をダウンロード

RIG OPTIONS:「Optionsitem.pdf」をダウンロード
CATALOG vol no1: http://pdfkataloget.dk/winner2017/


I just downloaded the Optimist price list and coming to terms with the fact that a fully rigged boat, on launching trailer, delivered would cost me in the region of $5000, or the price of several second-hand Flying Fifteens. If I were a parent I would, of course, need to factor in the cost of a RIB and a 4 x 4 to tow everything, together with spare sails and gear. Oh, and the price doesn’t include a paddle or a bailer. Having spent so much the additional dollars would not, one imagines, be a problem. 
- Adrian Morgan

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第42回 舵杯ヨットレース 2017 エントリー締切 55艇! 成績

02Http__kazicup_com_entryconfirm_201742 舵杯ヨットレース2017 エントリー締切 55艇!

14:30-16:00 大会受付(公式パーティ受付含む)、出艇申告・乗員登録受付
16:30- 艇長会議
17:30- 開会式・前夜祭(和歌山マリーナシティ「黒潮市場」)
07:30-08:00 大会受付、出艇申告・乗員登録受付(当日受付分に限る)
09:15 予告信号
レース終了後 表彰式

大会website:http://kazicup.com/ レース公示pdf:「kazicup_2017_nor_kcrace.pdf」をダウンロード 帆走指示書pdf:「kazicup_2017_sis_kaziorder.pdf」をダウンロード


Kazicup_com_result2017_openab_4 Kazicup_com_result2017_opena_open_3Kazicup_com_result2017_irc_2

成績pdf:「2017result-OpenAB.pdf」をダウンロード 「2017resultopena_openb_irc.pdf」をダウンロード 「2017result-Races.pdf」をダウンロード

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2017年4月17日 (月)

Kitewing Sailing

VIDEO: Last Day of the Season

Scuttlebuttlogo2Scuttlebutt Sailing News
Published on April 14th, 2017

Kitewing sailing on Squam Lake in New Hampshire on a melting ice sheet on the last day of the season. Video published on Apr 14, 2017.

<iframe width="620" height="350" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/C3qIlR2Bt5k" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Land Sailing: 2017-04-14Land Sailing http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2017/04/land-sailing.html
Ice Sailing: 2016-10-26
Ice Sailing : Hard Water http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2016/10/hard-water-ice.html

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2017年4月15日 (土)

World's Biggest Sports

Best_100_excel_jpeg_5Biggest Global Sports
A statistics-based analysis of the world's most popular sports

The following list of the world's biggest sports is based on data collected on amount of coverage from major online sports news websites on a daily basis across some of the world's biggest countries, with amount of coverage weighted by country size to evaulate a true list of the world's biggest sports.

Is your favorite sports ranked on this list?

"Sailing" is 41st rank between Archery and SUMO !

"Windsurfing" is 73rd between KARATE and Polo !!

0105_http__biggestglobalsports_com_ 0610_http__biggestglobalsports_com_ 1115_http__biggestglobalsports_com_ 1620_http__biggestglobalsports_com_ 2125_http__biggestglobalsports_com_ 2630_http__biggestglobalsports_com_ 3135_http__biggestglobalsports_com_ 3640_http__biggestglobalsports_com_ 4145_http__biggestglobalsports_com_ 4650_http__biggestglobalsports_com_ 5175_http__biggestglobalsports_com_ 75100_http__biggestglobalsports_com

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2017年4月14日 (金)

Land Sailing

Www_nalsa_org_worlds2014pages_smithVIDEO: America’s Landsailing Cup 2017
Scuttlebuttlogo2Scuttlebutt Sailing News
Published on April 13th, 2017

The 45th America’s Landsailing Cup Regatta, America’s premier landsailing event, held March 19-24 at Ivanpah Dry Lake, CA. Here is footage of the Mini Skeeter class. Video published on Apr 12, 2017.
<iframe width="620" height="350" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/brejAOyyivs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
1_racecoursenorthwind900 2_racecourseeastwind900 3_racecoursewestwindbig_2
North American Land Sailing Association: http://www.nalsa.org/index.htm
1_156737697_s8mgbncb_wc14bef2014027 2_156744652_k192lylv_wc14mon2014052 3_156744658_6whmgrhj_wc14mon2014058 4_156744680_2dp0qqjc_wc14mon2014080 5_156744740_9usgcuii_wc14mon2014140 6_156745582_lwfapc7x_wc14tue2014099 7_156744752_gzzqhbcr_wc14mon2014152 8_156745596_gu4hgdl0_wc14tue2014113 9_156745615_honinj1k_wc14tue2014131 10_156750327_52idggnt_wc14wed201401 11_156750337_2qba2mey_wc14wed201402 12_156750372_defq4vlw_wc14wed201406 13_156750424_ibx8jawm_wc14wed201411 14_156750448_tre3vtj6_wc14wed201413 15_156750456_xxzby9eb_wc14wed201414

Land Sailing Photos: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/wc14&view=slideshow

2014 Worlds Race Information:「www_nalsa_org_Worlds2014Pages_RaceInfo_html_20170414.pdf」をダウンロード
2014 Worlds Maps and Course Layouts:「www_nalsa_org_Worlds2014Pages_SmithCreekLayout_html_20170414.pdf」をダウンロード

Related article: 2016-10-26
Ice Sailing : Hard Waterhttp://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2016/10/hard-water-ice.html

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一本の鉛筆 - One Pencil

Duarbo_airnifty_com_songs_2011_04_p美空ひばり生誕80周年 不死鳥コンサート 東京ドーム 2017年4月10日



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2017年4月12日 (水)

Team New Zealand unloading their race boat

Http__email_sailingscuttlebutt_com_Scuttlebutt Sailing News
Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Gif_new_zealand_mw_6America's Cup Challenger Emirates Team New Zealand unloading their race boat after landing this week in Bermuda.

1_17917155_10155204671723839_1334_2 2_17855158_10155204671728839_1859_4 3_17758571_10155204671738839_3357_2 4_17880033_10155204671818839_7057_2 5_17855264_10155204671823839_2942_2

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2017年4月 8日 (土)

Youth America's Cup - Team BDA (Bermuda)

Teambdawinninglogo620x270Hip, hip Hurray, Owen, Connor and Kalin in Team Bermuda!
Faraway from JAPAN
They are old sailing friends of a Japanese Optimist team.

*Owen Siese ------------------------------
Owen_www_acbda_bm_aboutteambda_20_2 Team_owenandmacteambdabermudajanuar
Owen_no1_2 Owen_no2_2

*Connor Astwood ------------------------------
Connorastwood_0385_o_3 Aboutteambdapic_coner
Connor_no1 Connor_no2_2

*Kalin Hillier ------------------------------
Kalin_13241405 Kalin_no1 12523889_1597135973941673_354856572
***Memorable photo on Dec 21st, 2006
Youth AC: Meet TeamBDA’s Owen Siese http://bernews.com/2017/02/youth-ac-meet-teambdas-owen-siese/
「owen_no1.jpg」をダウンロード 「owen_no2.jpg」をダウンロード 「owen_no3.jpg」をダウンロード
Youth AC: Meet TeamBDA’s Connor Astwood http://bernews.com/2017/03/youth-ac-meet-teambdas-connor-astwood/
「connor_no1.jpg」をダウンロード 「connor_no2.jpg」をダウンロード
Youth America’s Cup Profile: Kalin Hillier http://bernews.com/2016/05/youth-americas-cup-profile-kalin-hillier/

Related articles: 2017-03-03「Three regattas in America's Cup」http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2017/03/3-regattas-in-a.html

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2017年3月30日 (木)

The Case Book 2017-2020

Casebook20172020_jpeg_3The Case Book Working Party released the 2017-2020 Case Book with five new cases; Cases 136 through 140 are new as of January 2017.

Case 136
In finding facts, a protest committee will be governed by the weight of evidence. In general, a race committee member sighting the starting line is better placed than any competing boat to decide whether a boat was over the line at the starting signal and, if so, whether she returned and started correctly.

Case 137
When deciding if a conflict of interest is significant, the protest committee should take into account the degree of conflict, the level of the event and the overall perception of fairness.

Case 138
Generally, an action by a competitor that directly affects the fairness of the competition or failing to take an appropriate penalty when the competitor is aware of breaking a rule, should be considered under rule 2. Any action, including a serious breach of rule 2 or any other rule, that the committee considers may be an act of misconduct should be considered under rule 69.

Case 139
Examples illustrating when it would be ‘appropriate’ under rule 69.2(j)(3) to report a rule 69 incident to a national authority or World Sailing.

Case 140
How the rules apply when a boat is compelled to cross the starting line by another boat that was breaking a rule of Part 2.

Case 136-140 pdf:「20172020worldsailingcasebookcase_136140.pdf」をダウンロード
World Sailing Case Book: http://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/20172020WorldSailingCaseBook-[22314].pdf

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2017年3月28日 (火)

O'pen BIC "Un-Regattas" in North America

Sailinganarchy_com_2017_03_23_the_2Subject: New element to O'pen BIC "Un-Regattas" in North America
Sent: Thu, Mar 23, 2017 8:32 am

I thought you would like to see brief video of new element introduced at our North American "Un-Regatta" in Sarasota, Florida this past weekend. 
The idea is to bring some element of X-Games to Youth Sailing. The kids LOVED it.
The "Bridge of Doom" was tested in Sarasota and will next be used at the America's Cup.

Full event video coming next.
Happy sailing,

Vimeo_com_209150095_20170329Event documents: 「2017-NOR-SARASOTA-DRAFT-3-6-17.pdf」をダウンロード 「SailingInstructions.pdf」をダウンロード 「SailingInstructionsAddendumAsplittingthefleet.pdf」をダウンロード 「sssracecoursebic6.pdf」をダウンロード

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2014-03-07「Why “Un-Regattas”? - O'pen BIChttp://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2014/03/why-un-regattas.html
2017-03-03「Three (3) regattas in America's Cup」 http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2017/03/3-regattas-in-a.html

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2017年3月16日 (木)

Japan O’pen BIC Cup 2017 - Press Release 

2017openbic_japan_cup_press_relea_42017openbic_japan_cup_press_relea_5Japan O’pen BIC Cup 2017 (兼 World O’pen Cup 2017 代表選考レース)Press Releaseが送られてきました。

オープンビックは「安全に楽しく速い」をコンセプトに全世界で 3500 艇以上が普及する全長9フィート( 2.75m)の小型ヨット。日本では北海道、江の島、大阪、兵庫などで活動が行われ6月からは新たに徳島でも活動が開始される予定。 20175月にバミューダ諸島で開催されるアメリカスカップではオープンビックのエキビジョンレースも開催され、 日本からも2名の選手が招待されている、「世界が近い」ジュニアヨットクラスです。
■ Japan O’pen BIC Cup 2017 (兼 World O’pen Cup 2017 代表選考レース)
■    日本オープンビッククラス協会 (Japan O’pen BIC Class Association)
■    株式会社ウインドワード
■ 大会期日  2017 331 日(金)~ 42日(日)
■ 開催場所  兵庫県西宮市 (ウインドワードオーシャンクラブ)
■ 参加予定  38 人(北海道、神奈川、京都、大阪、兵庫、愛媛)
■ Japan O’pen BIC Cup 2017は、三日間のシリーズ戦とし一日目 を第1 シリーズ、二日目を第2 シリーズ、三日目を第3戦シリーズとする。各シリーズ戦は最大6レースを予定する。
Press Rerease:「2017openbic_japan_cup_press_release.ppt」をダウンロード

関連記事:2017-02-04「オープンビッククラス 2017年度レース日程」 http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2017/02/2017-3d7d.html

Open_bic_japan_cup_20170402_result Open_bic_japan_cup_20170402_course

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2017年3月13日 (月)

Video: Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Highlighted

Bernews_com_2017_02_videoredbullyouVideo: Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Highlighted


Related articles: 2017-03-03Three regattas in America's Cuphttp://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2017/03/3-regattas-in-a.html

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2017年3月 3日 (金)

Three (3) regattas in America's Cup

M2570_ac35racecoursemap14decAmericas_cup_villageBermuda_topographic_mapen_32017年6月バーミューダで開催される第35回America's Cup、日本からSoftBank Team Japanが参戦するのは既報のとおりである。先日も新レース艇ACC(America's Cup Class)が進水、いよいよ戦闘モードに突入といったところである。
さて、あまり話題になっていないが、今America's Cupでは本戦に加え、"Red Bull Youth America's Cup"と"America’s Cup Endeavour Junior Regatta"とユースとジュニアの2つのレガッタが併催され、それぞれに日本チームが出場する。
Flagjapan_gif_2Kaijin Team Japan(海神チームジャパン)とO'pen BIC Team Japan(オープンビックジャパンチーム)である。3レガッタすべてに参加資格を与えられたのはACに参戦する米、スウェーデン、ニュージーランド、仏、英、日本の6か国のみ、ヨット大国扱いには些かくすぐったいが、感謝しなければならないだろう。

3つの日本チームが一堂に会するバーミューダに応援に馳せ参じたいのは山々であるが、人口がたったの6.5万人、面積が淡路島の十分の1の 53.20 km² (20.54 平方マイル)
ホテルは満杯、確保は絶望的 ・・・・。We wish Japanese Teams great success far away from Japan!

M2295Https__www_americascup_com_en_tea_3M2313_crop169014_1024x576_proport_2Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers & Challenger Playoffs *(予選ラウンドロビン)
26th May – 12th June 2017

Artemis Racing (SWE)
Emirates Team New Zealand
Groupama Team France
Land Rover BAR (GBR)
SoftBank Team Japan
< 6 entries >

Red_bull_1146143M250_crop169014_1024x576_proportionMaxresdefault_2Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Qualifier 1,2 *
12th,13th,15th,16th June 2017
Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Finals *
20th-21st June 2017
Artemis Youth Racing (Sweden) 
Team France Jeune (France) 
Kaijin Team Japan (Japan) 
Youth Vikings Denmark (Denmark) 
Team Tilt (Switzerland) 
SVB Team Germany (Germany) 
Kaijin_logoTeam BDA (Bermuda)
NZL Sailing Team (New Zealand)
Land Rover BAR Academy (Great Britain)
Spanish Impulse Team (Spain)
Next Generation USA (USA)
Candidate Sailing Team (Austria)
< 12 entries >
America's Cup:「red-bull-youth_americascup_com_en_news_199_Red-Bull-Youth-Americas-Cup-brings-worlds-top-young-sailors-to-Bermuda-in-2017.pdf」をダウンロード 「red-bull-youth_americascup_com_en_news_199_Red-Bull-Youth-Americas-Cup-brings-worlds-top-young-sailors-to-Bermuda-in-2017.jpg」をダウンロード
World Sailing: 「www_sailing_org_news_41675_phpworldsailingnews1march2017.pdf」をダウンロード 「www_sailing_org_news_41675_phpworldsailingnews1march2017.jpg」をダウンロード

11896245_1476532935980586_313924552Ac35endeavouropen_com_news_sakinu_2Ac_softbank_openbicAmerica’s Cup Endeavour Junior Regattas

June 14th - Registration & Opening reception for O’Pen BIC
June 15th - 16th AC Endeavour O’Pen BIC Regatta
June 17th - 18th O’Pen BIC Half Time Show Race, including Dock Out Show

New Zealand
United Kingdom
Obca_japan_logoC7aijbnuwae336hNorth America
Wild Card
< 10 countries 32 entries  >

関連記事:2016-10-21「AMERICA'S CUP ENDEAVOUR O'PEN」http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2016/10/americas-cup-en.html
2015-07-22「O'pen BICがAmerica's Cup 親睦セーリング・プロジェクト艇に選定」http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2015/07/16-ju.html

America’s Cup Match presented by Louis Vuitton *(本戦マッチ)
17th - 18th & 24th - 27th June 2017
Provisional America’s Cup Schedule

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2017年2月27日 (月)

Jリーグの判定、試合後に正誤を検証へ 審判とチーム側

Www_asahi_com_articles_photo_2017_2Jリーグの判定、試合後に正誤を検証へ 審判とチーム側

Asahi_digital_2朝日新聞デジタル 潮智史 20172170953


 このほか、判定基準を示した選手向けの映像の一般公開にも踏み切るなど、判定の「見える化」を進めていく予定だ。( 潮智史)
Copy:「digital_asahi_com_articles_20170223.pdf」をダウンロード 「digital_asahi_com_articles_20170223.jpg」をダウンロード



Nikkei_32017/2/24付日本経済新聞 朝刊 アナザービュー 武智幸徳


Copy: 「www_nikkei_com_article_20170224.pdf」をダウンロード 「www_nikkei_com_article_20170224_2.jpg」をダウンロード

<注> レフリー(Referee)、アンパイア(Umpire)、ジャッジ(Judge)はどう違うの?

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2017年2月22日 (水)

JSAF外洋内海主催 B級ジャッジ更新・新規講習会

B_kyu_seminarJSAF外洋内海主催 B級ジャッジ更新・新規講習会


B級ジャッジ「更新」講習会 49日(日)9:30から
主催 JSAF外洋内海
201749日 受付 930分~ セミナー10時~17
西宮浜公民館 西宮市西宮浜4丁目13-1 079834-2002
申込期限 201742日 
JSAF外洋内海Eメール yff62765@nifty.com 電話 090-7487-1472

B級ジャッジ「新規」講習会 514日(日)


JSAFルール委員会 http://www.jsaf.or.jp/hp/about/committee/rule
:「bnbnotice.pdf」をダウンロード  日程:「bnbchedule.pdf」をダウンロード
 JSAF外洋内海ルール委員会 http://jsaf-naikai.jp/ email: yff62765@nifty.com

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2017年2月20日 (月)

「第42回 舵杯ヨットレース2017」のご案内

Kazicup_com_20170220_2Kazirogo_3第42 舵杯ヨットレース

レース公示(NoR) <抜粋>
共同主催 JSAF加盟団体外洋内海・和歌山県セーリング連盟

1-1 「セーリング競技規則2017-2020(RRS)」に定義された規則および「セーリング装備規則2017-2020(ERS)」を適用する。
1-2 IRC クラスについては以下も適用する。
1-2-1 IRC Rule 2017 Part A,B,C(但し、以下を変更する)
 ・ IRC Rule21.1.5(d)は適用しない。したがって艇に搭載したセールを積み替えることができる。
 ・ IRC Rule22.4.2 は適用しない。したがってクルーの数もしくは体重の制限はない。
1-2-2 JSAF 外洋特別規定(JSAF-OSR2016-2017 附則B インショアレース特別規定
1-3 X-35 ワンデザインクラスに関しては「X-35 ワンデザインクラス日本国内規定」を適用し、許可されている範囲においてX-35 クラスルールの制限が解除され、IRC Rule 2017 を適用する。

3-1 共通事項
全長20 フィート以上のモノハルキャビン付きクルーザーで、日本小型船舶検査機構の有効な船舶検査証を有し、大会期間中(回航中、事前事後の係留期間を含む)の有効なヨット保険(賠償責任保険、搭乗者障害保険、遭難捜索費用保険)に加入している艇
3-2 先着順に受け付ける。
3-3 艇の参加申込が多く、係留施設能力を超えることが予想される場合には、JSAF 登録艇の受付を優先する。また、参加申込をお断りする場合もある。
3-4 有効な2017 IRC 証書(ノーマルまたはエンドース)を有する艇
3-5 乗員は2 名以上とする。
3-6 乗員の2/3 以上がJSAF 会員であること。ただし外国籍の乗員は当該各国協会の有効な会員証を提示することで可とする。
3-7 本実行委員会が決定したレーティングを承認する艇、またクラス分けについても本実行委員会の決定を承認する艇。
3-8 乗員は2 名以上とする。

申込締切日 49日(日) レイトエントリー

6-1 全参加艇をABCまたはABのクラスに区分し、レース委員会の定める独自のTCFにより順位を決定する。
6-2 IRC」クラスは、上記クラスとのダブルエントリーによるクラスとし、TCC により別途順位を決定する。

422 日(土)
 14:30-16:00 大会受付(公式パーティ受付含む)、出艇申告・乗員登録受付
 16:30- 艇長会議 17:30- 開会式・前夜祭(和歌山マリーナシティ「黒潮市場」内バーベキューテラス)
423 日(日)
 07:30-08:00 大会受付、出艇申告・乗員登録受付(当日受付分に限る)
 09:15 予告信号 レース終了後表彰式


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2017年2月18日 (土)

The Queen of Post-War yachting photography dies at the age of 101

9Eight Bells: Eileen Ramsay 
Scuttlebuttlogo2Scuttlebutt Sailing News, Published on February 10th, 2017
Source: Barry Pickthall, PPL Photo Agency

Eileen Ramsay, the Queen of British yachting photography during the post war years, died on February 8 at the age of 101.

Ramsay recorded the explosion in small boat sailing during the 1950s and 60s, capturing not only the boats but sailing pioneers like Francis Chichester (*left photo), Alec Rose, Col Blondie Hasler and French legend Eric Tabarly, then pressing the frontiers of solo passage making across the Atlantic and around the world.

7 Her famous archive includes images of Olympic sailors Keith Musto and Tony Morgan, Silver medallists at the 1964 Games at Tokyo in the Flying Dutchman Class (*lower left photo), and Rodney Pattisson and Iain MacDonald-Smith who won Gold for Britain in the same Flying Dutchman class at the Mexico Games in 1968 in the Flying Dutchman two-man trapeze dinghy (*lower right photo). She also recorded the career of Charles Currey, who won Silver at the Helsinki Games in 1952, and Robin Aisher, who represented Britain in the 5.5m keelboat class at the 1960 and ’64 Games before finally winning Bronze at the Acapulco regatta in ’68.

 Other noted sailors to have fallen within Eileen Ramsay’s focus have been Stewart Morris, Gold Medal sailor at the 1948 Games in Torquay, fellow International 14 champion and Olympic representative Bruce Banks, and Sir John Oakeley, the son of wrestling champion Sir Atholl Oakeley, who became one of Britain’s most successful dinghy champions in the 60s and 70s, winning the Merlin Rocket Class championship three times in succession before going on to win the Flying Dutchman world championship.

1----- The rest is omitted.

2_2 3 4 5 6 

Sailing Scuttlebutt:「www_sailingscuttlebutt_com_2017_02_10_eight-bells-eileen-ramsay.pdf」をダウンロード 「www_sailingscuttlebutt_com_2017_02_10_eight-bells-eileen-ramsay.jpg」をダウンロード
sail-world.com: The-Queen-of-Post-War-yachting-photography-dies-at-the-age-of-101:「www_sailworld_com_australia_thequeenofpostwary achtingphotographydiesattheageof101_55.jpg」をダウンロード
'Queen of yachting' captures sailing's golden era on film

Logo_cnn_espaniol_2By Stina Backer for CNN
Updated 1353 GMT (2153 HKT) May 28, 2012

Story highlights
Eileeen Ramsey began her professional career as a 22-year-old in 1937
She pioneered the water-level photography angle, now an industry standard
Her career took off in the 1950s and 1960s when sailing enjoyed a post-war explosion in Britain

The water-level shot - Eileen Ramsay pioneered the water-level photography angle - shooting images of sail boats from as close to the water as possible. (Photo1)

Composition - According to Ramsay, a real photographer doesn't just takes a photograph, they "make" one by working hard to get the best angle. This beautifully-composed image was shot at the 1962 Cowes Week Regatta. (Photo2)

Eileen Ramsay - Ramsay's career took off in the 1950s and 1960s, when the sport of sailing enjoyed a post-war explosion in Britain. Here she is with her trusted Rolleiflex camera in the summer of 1963. (photo3)

Racing past Parliament - Ramsay made sure she was present for the first dinghy race in central London, was held on the river Thames in 1956. (Photo4)

'Black Sails' - This award-winning photograph from 1945 is one of the first nautical-themed images that Ramsay took and is entitled "Black Sails." It remains one of her personal favorites. (Photo5)

'Flying Dutchman' - Sailing legend and clothing company founder Keith Musto is seen here fighting for second place against a French rival during the 1964 "Flying Dutchman" European championships. He and his sailing partner went on to win a silver medal at that year's Olympic Games in Tokyo. (Phhoto6)

Collision caught on camera - Ramsay would always make sure she placed herself where the action was. Here she manages to catch the collision beween a competing yacht and a spectator boat at the 1969 Cowes Week Regatta in England. (photo7)

True colors - Ramsay began taking color pictures in 1962 and set up her own color developing process two years later -- but it took several more years before magazines and newspapers could actually print in color. (Photo8)

In perfect balance - This 1968 shot is of British Olympic hopefuls Rodney Pattisson and Ian MacDonald-Smith on board a "Flying Dutchman." Ramsay recalls that she wasn't allowed to photograph the inside of the boat: "They were much faster than everyone else and didn't want to give any ideas away to the competition," she said. (Photo9)

Dragons in action - Ramsay, who spent her early career doing portrait photography, says she somehow always knew how to successfully compose photograps. Here she lines up a number of "International Dragon" boats, racing during the 1966 Cowes Week Regatta in England. (photo10)

Copy jpeg:「edition_cnn_com_2012_05_28_travel_eileenramsayyachthingphotography_20170218_77.jpg」をダウンロード

PhotoLimited edition copies of her biography ‘Eileen Ramsay – Queen of Yachting Photography',
signed by the photographer are available for £25 + p&p from

Related articles:「coastalboating_net_News_2017_02-2017_10-02-EileenRamsay.pdf」をダウンロード 「coastalboating_net_News_2017_02-2017_10-02-EileenRamsay.jpg」をダウンロード
「www_yachtsandyachting_com_news_155926_20170218.pdf」をダウンロード 「www_yachtsandyachting_com_news_155926_20170218.jpg」をダウンロード

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2017年2月 8日 (水)

第7回関空一周ヨットレース2017 - Around the Kansai International Airport Yacht Race

0127_kanku_yacht_2関空島をぐるっと一周! 大阪湾で島回りのヨットレース!

関空一周ヨットレース・岬町長杯ヨットレース レース公示 《抜粋》
1. 共同主催 大阪ベイ淡輪ヨットクラブ、JSAF外洋内海、大阪府マリーナ協会
2. 参加資格
2-1 共通事項:全長20フィート以上のキャビン付きクルーザーで、有効な船舶検査証を有し、ヨット保険(賠償責任、搭乗者傷害、遭難捜索救助費保険)に加入していること。
関空連絡橋を通過可能な艇 (海面からの高さ制限23m 乗員は2名以上とする。
2-2 「岬町長杯ヨットレース」参加艇は、関空一周ヨットレースへのエントリーをしていること。
2-3 IRCクラス追加事項:有効な2017IRC証書(ノーマルまたはエンドースド)を有する艇。乗員の2/3以上がJSAF会員であること。
締切日4月15日(土) *レイトエントリー申込期限4月21日(金)

Http__kanku_yachtrace_net_2017020_24. 日程
08:3009:30 「岬町長杯レース」 受付/出艇申告
09:3009:45 「岬町長杯レース」 艇長会議
10:55 「岬町長杯レース」の予告信号 (風上/風下コース・2レース)
16:0016:30 「関空一周レース」艇長会議 17:00 ウェルカムパーティー
07:0007:30 「関空一周レース」 当日受付
08:25 「関空一周レース」の予告信号(島廻りコース・2レース)
16:00 タイムリミット 17:00 表彰式

大会ウエブサイト: http://kanku.yacht-race.net/

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2017年2月 4日 (土)

オープンビッククラス 2017年度レース日程

      協会ウエブサイト: ttp://jobca.net/


(1) チャンピオンシップ・レガッタ
O'pen BIC Japan Cup 331日~42日 会場:西宮マリーナ
・全日本選手権 1028日~29日 会場:江の島ヨットハーバー

(2) 海外・レガッタ
America's Cup Endeavour Cup 615日~18日 会場:バーミューダ http://ac35endeavouropen.com/
O'pen BIC World Championships 731日~85日 会場:イタリア・ガルダ湖 http://class.openbic.com http://worlds2017.openbicclass.org/



2016-10-21AMERICA'S CUP ENDEAVOUR O'PENhttp://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2016/10/americas-cup-en.html

2016-09-31***** O'pen BIC World Cup – Videoshttp://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/20160112.html

2016-09-12「第5回オープンビッククラス全日本選手権2016 - 5th O'pen BIC National Championships 2016」http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2016/09/52016-5b52.html

2015-07-22「O'pen BIC が America's Cup 親睦セーリング・プロジェクト艇に選定」http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2015/07/16-ju.html

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2017年2月 1日 (水)

RRS定義:支援者(Support Person)

Imagesvi3fvr99Support Person(支援者)
RRS2017-2020において新規則:定義「Support Person(支援者)」が追加された。

これまでは大会ごとの帆走指示書(SIs)、サポート・チーム規程(Support Team Regulations)、コーチボート規程(Coach Boat Regulations)等で、該当者を特定し、規則を明記して対象とすることがあったが、今改定により RRS規則のデフォルトとして適用される。関係資料を紹介しておく。

Definition: Support Person
Any person who

(a) provides, or may provide, physical or advisory support to a competitor, including any coach, trainer, manager, team staff, medic, paramedic or any other person working with, treating or assisting a competitor in or preparing for the competition, or
(b) is the parent or guardian of a competitor.

(a) 競技者に物理的または助言的サポートを提供する、または提供することができる人物。コーチ、トレーナー、マネージャー、チーム・スタッフ、医師、医療補助員、または競技中もしくはその準備のために競技者とともに働いたり、治療したり、援助したりするその他の人物、すべてを含む。 
(b) 競技者の親または保護者

<A Quick Overview of the Significant Rule and Game Changes in the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing> Dave Perry - 16-Dec-16 13:45

Support Person
This new definition is part of the significant change that has brought people who support competitors under the jurisdiction of the racing rules, and makes them and the competitors they support liable for penalty if they do not comply with the rules or if they act in a way that is considered “misconduct.”
See in particular rule 3 (Acceptance of the Rules), rule 60.3(d) (Right to Protest; Right to Request Redress or Rule 69 Action), rule 64.4 (Decisions Concerning Support Persons) and rule 69.1(a) (Obligation not to Commit Misconduct; Resolution). The definition includes, among others, parents and coaches.

特に参照すべきは、規則3(規則を受け入れること)、規則60.3(d) (抗議の権利;救済要求の権利または規則69の処置)、規則64.4(支援者に対する判決)および規則69.1(a)(不正行為を起こさない義務;解決)。この定義は、なかんずく、両親およびコーチを含む。


Examples of actions of a support person that could lead to a hearing are:
 Abusing or pressurising race officials, volunteers or other competitors or support persons (rule 69 and/or SIs)
 Assisting a competitor (unless ill, injured or in danger) in any way after the preparatory signal (rule 41)
 Failing to follow support boat regulations (SIs)
 Moving a competitor’s boat away from any designated parking areas (SIs)
 Modification or substitution of measured equipment without authorisation (SIs)
 Tampering with or measuring other competitors boats without their permission (rule 69)
 Using social media or any other medium to broadcast material that is unsportsmanlike or likely to bring the sport of sailing into disrepute (rule 69)


RYA-Racing Rules Guidance, Support Persons: 「RYA-Guidance-Support-Persons-12.16.pdf」をダウンロード
RRS Changes:「afloat_ie_item_3060420172020isafrulebookchanges_2.pdf」をダウンロード
Compliants Commissioners Decision -America's Cup 2013:「140402_ynz_compliants_commissioners_decision_americas_cup.zip」をダウンロード

関連記事:2016-07-07Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2016/07/racing-rules-of.html

参考記事:利害関係(Conflict of Interest)
2011-01-29「読者からの質問と回答 「抗議審問の利害関係者」 - Interested Partyhttp://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2011/01/post-338c.html
2013-02-12『読者からの質問と回答 「プロテスト委員が利害関係者である場合」』http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2013/02/post-4234.html

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2017年1月30日 (月)

「規則21:免罪」事例 その2

2017-01-25付『読者からの質問と回答 「規則21:免罪の改定」』において、新RRS2017-2020の規則21(免罪)が第2章C節からD節へ移項されたことを紹介しました。

Rule 21 (Exoneration) Change in the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing:「rule21_dave_dick_rob.pdf」をダウンロード

Rule211_1   Rule211_2 Rule211_3 Rule211_4 Rule211_5
2017-01-25『「規則21:免罪」事例 その1http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2017/01/21-1-3881.html
読者からの質問と回答 「規則21:免罪の改定」』http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2017/01/21-c6af.html

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2017年1月27日 (金)




2013-2016 2章前文

2017-2020 2章前文


・ まず『第2章の規則が適用されるのはレース中であり、それは準備信号が発せられた時点からフィニッシュするまで』と まかに 解釈するのは、それなりに正しい。
・ レース中でない艇は、・・・・、第2章の規則のいずれかに違反したとしてもペナルティーを課せられることはない、とは何を意味するのか?

ISAF Q&A J11 2010-29:



スターボード・タックであった航路権艇は、何ら規則に違反せず、自身の過失でなく物理的損傷を被ったため、規則62.1(b) に基づき救済が与えられる。

■ 2017-2020に基づく結論と適用規則・判決
スターボード・タックであった航路権艇は、何ら規則に違反せず、自身の過失でなく物理的損傷を被ったため、規則62.1(b) に基づき救済が与えられる。<旧と同じ>

■ 旧規則では、
・ 新規則であれば、違反艇はインシデントにより傷害または重大な損傷が起きた場合の規則14違反に該当するため、ペナルティーが課せられる。




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2017年1月25日 (水)

「規則21:免罪」事例 その1

Examples regarding Rule 21: Exoneration

ISAF Q&A: M 014 Q&A 2011-027

Published: 21 January 2012 (Now Modified in accordance with new RRS 2017-2020 by 'Editor')

Question 4
What are the fundaments of the difference between rules 21(a) and 21(b) with regard to rules 15 and 16?

Answer 4
When a boat entitled to mark or mark-room is sailing within the room or mark-room, she must comply with rules 15 and 16.
However, sometimes complying with these rules means that the boat entitled to mark or mark-room will not be able to actually round the mark.
This is why rule 21(a), contrary to rule 21(b), provides for exoneration for a boat entitled to mark or mark-room that breaks either of those rules while sailing within the room or mark-room.


Example11_2Example 1: rule 16 (Changing Course)

Two boats, RED and GREEN approach a windward mark to left to port. RED is inside boat, entitled to mark-room, has trouble getting to the mark. She luffs hard when she rounds the mark and there's contact between the boats. RED is right-of-way boat, GREEN is keeping clear, and if RED wouldn't have changed course so rapidly, there would not have been contact. GREEN left enough room for a 'normal' luff.

RED breaks rule 16.1 by not giving enough room to GREEN to keep clear. Nevertheless RED is exonerated under rule 21(a) because she is rounding the mark when doing so.

1.RED broke rule 16.1. Nevertheless She is exonerated under rule 21(a) because she was sailing within the
mark-room to which she was entitled by rule 18.2(b).
2.GREEN broke rule 11. Nevertheless She is exonerated under rule 21(a) because she was sailing within the room to which she was entitled by rule 16.1.

3.Both boats broke rule 14, but both are exonerated under rule 14(b). Because RED is a R-O-W boat and GREEN is a boat entitled to room.
Protest dismissed.

Example21_3Example 2: rule 15 (Acquring R-O-W)

There are big waves on the course. Two boats, BLUE and PURPLE sail toward the leeward mark to be left to starboard. Entering the 3BL zone Blue is clear ahead and gets mark-room.
While sailing toward the mark PURPLE becomes right of-way boat under rule 11. BLUE is not changing course but gybes between positions 2 and three. BLUE becomes right-of-way starboard tack boat.

Normally BLUE would be penalized for breaking rule 15, because she does not initially give room to PURPLE to keep clear. But because she is sailing to the mark, she gets exoneration under rule 21(a).

1.BLUE broke rule 15. Nevertheless She is exonerated under rule 21(a) because she was sailing within the
mark-room to which she was entitled by rule 18.2(b).

2.PURPLE broke rule 10. Nevertheless She is exonerated under rule 21(a) because she was sailing within the room to which she was entitles by rule 15.

3.Both boats broke rule 14, but both are exonerated under rule 14(b).  Because BLUE is a R-O-W boat and PURPLE is a boat entitled to room.

Protest dismissed.


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2017年1月20日 (金)

読者からの質問と回答 「規則21:免罪の改定」

>規則21(免罪)は、旧RRSでは「第2章 C節:マークおよび障害物において」の条項でしたが、新RRS2017-2020では「D節:その他の規則」に移管されています。


World Sailing レーシングルール委員のDick Rose氏<既報のRRS2017-2020 Study Versionの筆者>の下記解説を紹介します。

Sailing World: New Year, New Rules

新規則 21(免罪)
(a) A節の規則または規則15もしくは規則16に違反した場合、または
(b) 規則31違反を強いられた場合。


改定された規則21は、ある艇が得る資格のあるルームまたはマークルーム内を帆走している場合、いつでも適用される。ルール・ブック2013-2016版においては、規則21は、艇がルームまたはマークルームを得る資格の規則がC節の規則である場合のみ適用された。2つの規則が、艇に他艇にマークルームを与えることを要求している: ともにC節内の規則18.2および規則18.34つの規則が、艇に他艇にルームを与えることを要求している:C節内の規則19.2(b)および規則20.2(c)、およびB節内の規則15および規則16.1。新しい規則は記憶するのに容易である、なぜなら、いかなる規則でも、艇にルームまたはマークルームを得る資格を与えた場合、その規則がルール・ブックのどの箇所にあるかに関わらず、規則の保護を享受できる。


プロテスト委員会は、Tomが主張したとおり、Jerryが規則16.1に違反したと判決したしかしまた、Tom も避けていなかったことによって規則11に違反した、と判決を下した。旧規則に基づけば、Jerryの規則16.1違反が、Tomに規則11違反を強いた場合のみ、Tomは免罪されることができる(規則64.1(a)参照)Tomは規則11違反を強いられなかった、なぜならTomは、たとえそのような対応がブローティングする危険を冒したり、シーマンらしくなかったりしても、直ちにかつより激しいラフができたであろうからである。



1. Tom and Jerry sailing on a run, spinnakers set. Tom overtook Jerry from clear astern within two lengths of Tom.
2. And while remaining on the same tack and overlapped, Jerry luffed Tom so rapidly that even though Tom responded promptly and did all she can in a seamanlike way to avoid contact, Tom’s spinnaker touched Jerry’s windward shroud.
3. There’s no damage, and neither boat takes a penalty.


1. When Jerry, the right-of-way boat, changed course she did not give Tom room to keep clear. Jerry broke rule 16.1.
2. Tom to windward did not keep clear of Jerry to leeward. Tom broke rule 11. Nevertheless Tom is exonerated under rule 21(a) because she was sailing within the room to which she was entitled. 

Jerry is DSQ.


参考記事: 旧RRS2013-2016を適用した例
2010-02-13「STRANGE CASE Num.01 - Both boats penalized」

Rrs17_jpeg_2Strange Case #01 - Both boats penalized (ISAF Q&A 2009-024)


この状況は、艇(L)が他艇(W)の風下となり、規則17 が適用されるときに起こることに似ている。規則11L に航路権を与えているが、規則17L にプロパー・コースより風上を帆走しないよう求めている。L がプロパー・コースより風上を帆走している場合でも、Wはやはり避けている必要がある(すなわち、規則11 に従う)。ただし、Lは規則17 違反で失格とされる。Wが避けておらず、Lがプロパー・コースより風上を帆走する場合には、両艇とも失格とされる。(ISAF Q&A 2009-024, 2010年1月削除)

A boat luffing above its proper course does not relieve a windward boat of her obligation to keep clear. In all of these situations it is quite possible (and not so rare) that both boats break the rules and are therefore should be penalised.

The situation is similar to what happens when a boat (L) comes in to leeward of another (W) and rule 17 applies. Rule 11 gives L the right of way; but rule 17 requires L not to sail above her proper course. If L sails above her proper course, W still needs to keep clear (i.e. comply with rule 11); but L should be disqualified for breaking rule 17. If W fails to keep clear and L sails above her proper course, they will both be disqualified. (ISAF Q&A 2009-024, Jan 2010 deleted)

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2017年1月17日 (火)

2017年度外洋系レース日程 - The Ocean Race Schedule 2017 in the eastern area of the Seto Islands Sea

今後順次水域各クラブから「レース公示」等が公表されます。とくにJSAF外洋内海Websiteを注視ください。外洋内海web: http://jsaf-naikai.jp/

 ・春の関西ミドルボート選手権 63~4日 会場:新西宮ヨットハーバー 

 ・Dragon Class 全日本選手権 916~18日 会場:新西宮ヨットハーバー
 ・西日本ミドルボート選手権<シアトルカップ> 917~18日 会場:須磨ヨットハーバー

 X35-OD 全日本選手権 1028~29日 会場:新西宮ヨットハーバー
選手権<島精機カップ> 114~5日 会場:和歌山マリーナシティ

Kazirogobl(2) 「第42回舵杯ヨットレース」
毎年4月に関西水域で開催される「舵杯ヨットレース」。大阪湾から瀬戸内海エリアを拠点に、さまざまな場所を拠点に開催されてきたが、今年は和歌山マリーナシティを舞台に、JSAF外洋内海 と和歌山県セーリング連盟の共催の下で開催されることが決まった。毎年11月の島精機カップなどが開催される美しいロケーション、ホスピタリティーあふれるハーバーとして知られるだけに、一層の盛り上がりが期待される。なお、レースの概要や申し込み方法などについては、今後、舵杯ヨットレースのホームページやKAZIのフェイスブックページに情報をアップするほか、舵誌4月号にも掲載の予定。


2017_jsaf_naikai_race_schedule_en_2The Ocean Race Schedule 2017 in the eastern area of the Seto Islands Sea

* The JSAF Naikai Ocean Yacht Club, at Nishinomiya City, is the official club affiliated to the Japan Sailing Federation (JSAF) and the competent authority over the eastern area of the Seto Islands Sea, where called "Japanese Mediterranean Sea".

* The "Naikai Circut", the Most Valuable Year's Prize, will be awarded the overall winner of major regattas selected by the JSAF Naikai Ocean Yacht Club. TBC...
* The listed regattas are only Championships and Cups excluding club's races and dinghy races.

Race Schedule pdf:「2017_jsaf_naikai_race_schedule_eng.pdf」をダウンロード
* JSAF Naikai Ocean Yacht Club Web:http://jsaf-naikai.jp/

2017-01-17「関西ヨットクラブ KYC 2017レース日程 - KYC Race Schedule 2017 http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2017/01/kyc-2017---kyc-.html

Our motto: Our fellow Japanese sailors: "ask not what your JSAF can do for you -- ask what you can do for your JSAF".

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関西ヨットクラブ2017レース日程-KYC Race Schedule 2017

2017kyc_race_schedule_jpn_2Joint_carnival_2関西ヨットクラブから「KYC 2017 レース日程」が届きました。

恒例のKYC SPRING REGATTA は本年で22回を数え、311~26日まで開催される。
秋にはKYC AUTUMN REGATTA として第23回、930~1022日に開催される。
Point Race はIRC&ORC-I, WHITE SAIL, Dragon Class レガッタがほぼ毎月開催され、いずれもオープン参加艇に門戸が開かれている。

・春の関西ミドルボード選手権 6月3日~4日
・Dragon Class
全日本選手権 916~18
X35-OD 全日本選手権 1028~29

KYC 2017 レース日程pdf:「2017_jpn.pdf」をダウンロード
関西ヨットクラブ: http://www.kyc.or.jp/




2017kyc_race_schedule_eng_415128881_563571640503627_18905317_2Kansai Yacht Club (KYC) RACE SCHEDULE 2017

The Kansai Yacht Club (K.Y.C) is located at Nishinomiya city, Hyogo prefecture, where lies halfway between Osaka and Kobe. Osaka is the center of commerce and industry in West Japan. Kobe has  the oldest port a par with Yokohama port.

The K.Y.C was established in 1964 (Showa 39) and has been approved the official club affiliated to the Japan Sailing Federation (JSAF). The activity of the Club is increasingly activating and has held lots of sailing events and regattas throughout the year.

Annual Race Series:
・Point Races, every month

Championships in this year:
Middle Boat Kansai Championship, June 3,4
Dragon Class Japan National Championship, Sep 16~18
X35-One Design Class Japan National Championship, Oct 28~29

KYC 2017 RACE Schedule (English Version) pdf:「2017kyc_race_schedule_eng.pdf」をダウンロード
KYC website: http://www.kyc.or.jp/

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2017年1月 6日 (金)


Change620x350既報のとおりセーリング競技規則(Racing Rules of Sailing)が改定され、201711日に発効された。

今回の改定の意図するところは、「Most of the changes in the Part 2 rules are intended to simplify or clarify a rule and will not result in major game changes.(第2章規則の変更の大半は、規則を平易かつ明解にするのが目的であり、競技に大きな変化をもたらすものではない)」と言えるだろう。
特に非英語圏の人々にとって懸案であった英文表現のバラツキがHouse Keeping, Word Smithing <字句の整備> されたのは有り難いことである。


2016-07-07Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020」http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2016/07/racing-rules-of.html
R1_3 R2_4 R3_4

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2016年12月31日 (土)

Season's Greetings - A Happy New Year 2017

A happy new year (GBR, IRL, CAN, USA, BER, NZL, AUS, .....) um Ano Novo feliz (POR, BRA) un feliz año nuevo (ESP, URU, ARG, .....) une nouvelle année heureuse (FRA) un felice anno nuovo (ITA) ein frohes neues Jahr (GER, SUI, BEL, .....) een gelukkig nieuw jaar (NED) szczęśliwego nowego roku (POL) et godt nytår (DEN) et godt nytt år (NOR) ett gott nytt år (SWE) onnellista uutta vuotta (FIN) head uut aastat (EST) laimīgu Jauno gadu (LAT) laimingų Naujųjų metų (LTU)


c новым годом (RUS, .....) šťastný nový rok (SVK) šťastný nový rok (CZE) Boldog új évet (HUN) Щастлива Нова Година (BUL) un an nou fericit (ROM) srečno novo leto (SLO) sretna nova godina (CRO) Срећна Нова Година (SER, MKD) ευτυχισμένο το νέο έτος (GRE) mutlu bir yeni yıl (TUR) สวัสดีปีใหม่ (THA) tahun baru bahagia (INA) A happy new year (IND, SGP, .....) Salamat Tahun Baru (MAS) 新年 (CHN, TPE) 근하신년 (KOR) 謹賀新年 (JPN)

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2016年12月20日 (火)

Kanji of the year 2016 - Gold (金)

Asahi_digital朝日新聞digital 201612121522
2016年を表す漢字は「金」。日本漢字能力検定協会( 京都市東山区)が全国から募集した「今年の漢字」が12日、清水寺(同)で発表され、森清範(せいはん)貫主(かんす)が大きな筆で書き上げた。153562通の応募のうち、「金」は最多の6655通だった。「金」が選ばれたのは00年、12年に続き3回目。

今年の漢字 「金」 00年、12年に続き3回目
Mainichi毎日新聞20161212 1408分(最終更新 1212 2037分)

Kanji22016 12 12
公益財団法人 日本漢字能力検定協会
2016 年「今年の漢字®」第1位は 「金」
 「金(キン・コン/かね・かな/こがね)」が表す2016 年とは 

4 年後の東京オリンピックへの期待、明るい日本への願いを込めた漢字として「金」が最多に
ブラジル リオデジャネイロで開かれた、第31 回夏季オリンピックで、日本人選手が12 個の「金」メダルを含む、史上最多のメダルを獲得。人々に感動を与えた一年でした。


イチロー選手のメジャー通算3,000 本安打達成やレスリング・伊調馨選手の五輪4連覇などスポーツ界の「金」字塔。マイナス「金」利の初導入、米大統領選を制したドナルド・トランプ氏から連想される「金」髪、「金」色の衣装を身に着けたピコ太郎さんの『PPAP』がSNS を通じて世界的大ヒットを記録
大リーグ・マーリンズ所属のイチロー選手が今年8 月、メジャー通算3,000 本安打を達成。日本では、25 年ぶりにセ・リーグ優勝を成し遂げた広島東洋カープの黒田投手が日米通算200 勝を達成しました。リオオリンピックでは、レスリング女子個人で伊調馨選手が史上初の五輪4 連覇を達成するなど、スポーツ界の「金」字塔が多数打ち立てられました。また、日本銀行によるマイナス「金」利政策の導入が決定し、アメリカ大統領選では、「金」髪が印象的な共和党のドナルド・トランプ氏が勝利。さらに、シンガーソングライター・ピコ太郎さんが「金」色の衣装で歌う「ペンパイナッポーアッポーペン」のフレーズが世界的な大ヒットとなった一年でした。


意味 ①かなもの。鉄・銅などの鉱物の総称。「金属」「合金」 ②きん。こがね。おうごん。「金塊」「純金」 ③りっぱな。美しい。「金言」「金剛」 ④ぜに。通貨。おかね。「金額」「貯金」 ⑤五行の一つ。 ⑥七曜の一つ。金曜。 ⑦将棋の駒(こま)「金将」の略。 (日本漢字能力検定協会発行 『漢検 漢字辞典 第二版』・ウエブサイト「漢字ペディア®」より)


'Gold' wins kanji of the year after Olympics ... and Trump's hair

Asahi_shimbunThe Asahi Shimbun December 13, 2016 at 15:05 JST
By JIRO OMURA/ Staff Writer

KYOTO--Donald Trump's golden mane of hair has contributed to “kin” (gold) being chosen as the kanji of 2016.
But the main reason people listed when voting for the kanji, which also reads as kane” (money), was not the U.S. president-elect but the haul of 12 gold medals Japan won at the Rio Olympics.
The results of the public vote were announced by the Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation at Kiyomizudera temple here on Dec. 12. Chief priest Seihan Mori painted the winning character at the event using an extra-long calligraphy brush.
Other reasons listed were public financing controversies plaguing Japan, such as the mushrooming costs of hosting the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and Japanese comedian Pikotaro, whose video of him dancing in a gold costume while singing his hit “PPAP” went viral.
Every year, the public is invited to submit nominations for the kanji character that best represents the year. Of 153,562 submissions received in 2016 by the Kyoto-based foundation, 6,655 proposed “gold.”
It is the third time for the character to be selected as the kanji of the year, also topping the chart in 2000 and 2012.
The runner-up kanji was “sen” with 4,723 suggestions. Sen can symbolize "making a choice" and is used to describe elections or referendums and also the athletes chosen to compete at the Olympics.
"Hen," meaning "strange" or "change," came in third with 4,619 votes.

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Ja_wikipedia_org_wiki__2_2Kanji of the year
Wikipedialogov21_5x_2Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Dec 16, 2015
The Kanji of the year (Kotoshi no Kanji) is a Japanese character chosen by the Japanese Kanji Proficiency Society (
日本漢字能力検定協会: Nihon Kanji Noryoku Kentei Kyokai) through a national ballot in Japan. It began in 1995. The character with the most votes, selected to represent the events of that year, is announced in a ceremony on December 12 (Kanji Day) at Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto (清水寺).

Kanji of the year 2016
― 「金 kin」(Gold 
High number of gold medals won at the 2016 Rio Olympics(金メダル), the shift to minus interest (“interest rate” is “kinri” in Japanese)(マイナス金利), Trump’s U.S. presidential election victory (“blonde hair” is “kinpatsu”)(トランプ大統領), and Piko Taro, singer of ‘PPAP’, who’s known for wearing a gold-colored animal print outfit (ピコ太郎)

Kanji of the past years
2015 ―
「安 an(Safety)
Safety issues concerning explosion in Yasukuni Shrine (靖国神社爆発), terrorist attack on Paris (パリテロリスト事件) 
2014 ― 「税 zei(Tax) 
The social discussion and the additional expense tax (
消費税増税) in Japan
2013 ― 「輪 rin(Wheel)
The success bidding for hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics.

2012 ― 「金 kin(Gold) 
Several medals are won at the 2012 London Olympics, Shinya Yamanaka (
山中伸弥教授) wins a Nobel Prize, and a solar eclipse (金環食) is observed for the first time in Japan in 932 years, amid concerns such as consumption tax and welfare ("") is also the first kanji to be selected more than once).
2011 ― 「絆 kizuna(Bonds) 
Tohoku earthquake and tsunami (
東北地震津波); people across Japan rediscover the importance of their bonds with family and friends. Japan's women's national football team Nadeshiko Japan (なでしこジャパン) wins the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup, a result of confidence and teamwork among its members.
2010 ― 「暑 sho(Hot)
The high temperatures that affected people's health and lives, as well as the natural environment in Japan. The Chilean mine collapse in which all the miners were rescued after having been trapped about 700 meters underground in a hot, humid mine (
2009 ― 「新 shin(New) 
The Democratic Party of Japan swept to power in August 2009 lower house elections to form a new government for the first time as the nation’s voters turned their backs on half a century of LDP single-party government (
民主党政権). Swine flu, known as Shin-gata influenza (新型インフルエンザ), breaks out around the world. Ichiro Suzuki (イチロウ) sets a new MLB record with nine consecutive seasons with 200 hits.
2008 ― 「変 hen(Change) 
Changing of the Japanese prime minister, Barack Obama winning the American presidential elections using the word (change), economical and ecological changes around the world.

2007 ― 「偽 nise(Deception) 
A series of food production/mislabeling scandals in which products that had expired were relabeled and sold (
食品偽装). Problems over political funds and faulty pension records (年金記録喪失). Intellectual Property Infringement Controversy of Shijingshan Amusement Park, Beijing, China (石景山遊楽園,北京).
2006 ― 「命 inochi(Life) 
Prince Hisahito of Akishino (
秋篠宮悠仁親王) is born. Feelings of uncertainty about life arising from hit and run accidents due to driving under the influence, suicide due to bullying, the suicide of a member of the Imperial Guard, and other causes. Living things that are born, life that is cut short or taken.
Wwwjiji_com_jc_d4pknj120jpp022905_22005 ― 「愛 ai(Love) 
Expo 2005 is held in Aichi (
愛知エクスポ). Princess Nori (紀宮内親王) marries Yoshiki Kuroda. Table tennis athlete Ai Fukuhara (福原 ) plays in China.
2004 ― 「災 sai(Disaster) 
The Chuetsu earthquake (
中越地震). Typhoon Tokage lands, causing tremendous damage. Accident at the Mihama nuclear power plant (美浜原発). Mitsubishi Motors (三菱自動車) scandal involving the cover-up of known defects.
2003 ― 「虎 tora(Tiger) 
The Hanshin Tigers (
阪神タイガース) win the Central League pennant for the first time in 18 years.
2002 ― 「帰 ki(Return) 
Japan and North Korea begin talks. Five Japanese citizens kidnapped by North Korea return to Japan (
2001 ― 「戦 sen(War)
9/11 terror attacks. The U.S. war in Afghanistan. Global recession.

2000 ― 「金 kin(Gold) 
Judo athlete Ryoko Tamura (
田村亮子), now Ryoko Tani) and marathon-runner Naoko Takahashi (高橋尚子) win gold at the Sydney Olympics. Kim Dae Jung (金大中) and Kim Jong-il (金正日) hold the first North-South Korean presidential summit. Deaths of centenarian twin sisters Kin-san and Gin-san (きんさん,ぎんさん) whose names sound like Gold and Silver.
1999 ― 「末 sue(End) 
The final year of the century (
世紀末). The Tokaimura nuclear (東海村原発) accident.
1998 ― 「毒 doku(Poison) 
Sixty-seven people are sickened and 4 die after eating poisoned curry. Masumi Hayashi (
林真須美) is arrested and similar incidents follow. Concern about dioxin.
1997 ― 「倒 to(Collapse, Knock Down)
A wave of corporate bankruptcies and bank failures (
山一證券廃業,拓銀経営破綻). The Japanese team beats regional powerhouses in the Asia qualifying tournament to win a berth in the 1998 FIFA World Cup.
1996 ― 「食 shoku(Food, eat) 
Multiple outbreaks of food poisoning due to E. coli O157 occur, affecting school lunch programs.

1995 ― 「震 shin(Quake) 
The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (
阪神淡路大震災). Growing feelings of unease caused by the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway (地下鉄サリン事件).


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2016年12月12日 (月)

Eight Bells: Paul Elvstrom

1_www_sailingscuttlebutt_com_2016_1Scuttlebuttlogo2Eight Bells: Paul Elvstrom
Scuttlebutt Sailing News

1. Eight Bells: Paul Elvstrom
Published on December 7th, 2016
Legendary Danish yachtsman Paul Elvstrøm died in his sleep at the age of 88 years on December 7, 2016. He died at his birthplace in Hellerup surrounded by his family.
Elvstrøm, considered one of the greatest sailing athletes in the history of sailing, won four consecutive Olympic gold medals, beginning with the Firefly at 1948 London and then with the Finn at 1952 Helsinki, 1956 Melbourne, and 1960 Rome.

To stick with the sailing metaphors, his passing is a bit like an ocean race where you cannot see the others, but you know they are there somewhere, just over the horizon and their presence will always have an impact on your decisions.
His moniker was ‘The Great Dane’. It could just have easily been the Great Person.

Copy:「1_www_sailingscuttlebutt_com_2016_12_07_eightbellspaulelvstrom.jpg」をダウンロード 「1_www_sailingscuttlebutt_com_2016_12_07_eightbellspaulelvstrom.pdf」をダウンロード

2. London 1948: Elvstrom’s debut
Published on June 9th, 2016
Copy:「2_www_sailingscuttlebutt_com_2016_06_09_london1948elvstomsdebut_2.jpg」をダウンロード 「2_www_sailingscuttlebutt_com_2016_06_09_london1948elvstomsdebut.pdf」をダウンロード

3. Paul Elvstrom: The Mozart of Sailing
Published on December 8th, 2016
Copy:「3_www_sailingscuttlebutt_com_2016_12_08_paulelvstrommozartsailing_90.jpg」をダウンロード 「3_www_sailingscuttlebutt_com_2016_12_08_paulelvstrommozartsailing.pdf」をダウンロード
3_161208paulelvstromexlarge169620x3 3_1261000x654web_2 3_20161208_71450 3_201511063elvstrom

4. Paul Elvstrom: An Example of Excellence
Published on December 9th, 2016
「4_www_sailingscuttlebutt_com_2016_12_09_paulelvstromexampleexcellence.jpg」をダウンロード 「4_www_sailingscuttlebutt_com_2016_12_09_paulelvstromexampleexcellence.pdf」をダウンロード
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2016-12-08「The Mozart of sailing - Paul Elvstrom: Obituary」http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2016/12/the-mozart-of-1.html

the story on Paul Elvstrom stated that no other Olympic athlete had won more than four consecutive gold medals. Actually, two have: Hungarian Aladar Gerevich <HUN> in Fencing and Sir Steve Redgrave <GBR> in Rowing. As for those sitting on four, in addition to Elvstrom <DEN> there are Ben Ainslie <GBR> (sailing), Al Oerter <USA> (discus), Carl Lewis <USA> (long jump), Michael Phelps <USA> (200 meter swimming medley), and Kaori Icho <JPN> (woman's freestyle wrestling). Also, Elvstrom did not invent the self-bailer but he did design a widely used version.

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2016年12月11日 (日)

Tribute to Paul Elvstrøm

1_www_sailworld_com_australia_pau_21_www_sailworld_com_australia_pau_3Tribute to Paul Elvstrøm
SailworldSail-World website Dec 10, 2014

1. Paul Elvstrom - Sailing's true Champion
1 day ago ... Ralph Roberts (NZL) competed with Paul Elvstrom in the 1960 Olympics in the singlehanded Finn class. By then Elvstrom was the winner of ...
「1_www_sailworld_com_paul5_elvstromsailingstruechampion_150274_2_90.jpg」をダウンロード 「1_www_sailworld_com_paul5_elvstromsailingstruechampion_150274.pdf」をダウンロード

2. Sailing World Cup Melbourne pays tribute to Paul Elvstrom

2 days ago ... Sixty years ago, the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron welcomed the legendary Paul Elvstrom for the Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games.
「2_www_sailworld_com_sailingworldcupmelbournepaystributetopaulelvstrom_150272_2_77.jpg」をダウンロード 「2_www_sailworld_com_sailingworldcupmelbournepaystributetopaulelvstrom_150272.pdf」をダウンロード

3. Paul Elvstrom - Tribute from A Sailor

1 day ago ... Former Canadian Olympic representative, Paul Henderson, had the experience of competing against the world's greatest sailor, Paul Elvstrom ...
「3_www_sailworld_com_paulelvstromtributefromasailor_150272_2.jpg」をダウンロード 「2_www_sailworld_com_sailingworldcupmelbournepaystributetopaulelvstrom_150272.pdf」をダウンロード

4. Tribute to Paul Elvstrom
3days ago ... Tribute to Paul Elvstrom. by Dan Ibsen today at 12:04 pm. Sailing legend Paul Elvstrøm from Denmark - photo: Morten Bjarhof - Tribute to Paul ...
「4_www_sailworld_com_tributetopaulelvstrom_150263_2.jpg」をダウンロード 「4_www_sailworld_com_tributetopaulelvstrom_150263.pdf」をダウンロード

5. The Great Dane dies at 88 + Video
One of the heroes of sailing, Paul Elvstrøm (DEN) has died at the age of 88 years. Known as the Great Dane, and winner of four Olympic Gold Medals, Elvstrøm ...
「6_www_sailworld_com_thegreatdanediesat88video_150241_2_80.jpg」をダウンロード 「6_www_sailworld_com_thegreatdanediesat88video_150241.pdf」をダウンロード

**1 photos
1_large_410339fornemhdertilelvstr_2 1_large_pow58 1_large_constantine_ii_of_greece_an 1_large_legend_youngpic 1_large_paul_elvstrm_19601
2_alt_denmark_on_the_scoreboard_at_ 2_alt_48_og_elvstrom_rdax_801 2_alt_anne_marie_rindom1 2_alt_oliver_bridge1
6_alt_48_og_elvstrom_rdax_801 6_large_paulelv 6_large 6_alt_elvstromyears1 6_alt_fin_1956_olympic_report2_1956 6_large_paulelvstrom_finnjolle00011
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2016年12月 8日 (木)

The Mozart of sailing - Paul Elvstrom: Obituary

Www_sailing_org_news_41354_php_70Worldsailinglogo2016_45_2World Sailing News
7 December 2016 23:57pm

The Mozart of sailing
Paul Elvstrom: Obituary

By Gary Jobson (As amended by World Sailing)

ElvstromTo be universally recognized as "the best" in any sport is extremely rare. But sailor Paul Elvstrom has earned this description. Over four consecutive Olympic Games he won four Gold medals. Only four other athletes, Carl Lewis (long jump), Steve Redgrave (rowing) and Al Oeter (discus) and one superstar sailor in Ben Ainslie have matched this feat.

Paul Elvstrom, more than any other sailor, has won on the racecourse, healed some painful wounds and has earned the respect of every sailor in the world as the "the best".

World Sailing Web: http://www.sailing.org/news/41354.php
Full Story:「www_sailing_org_news_41354_php_70.jpg」をダウンロード 「www.sailing.org_news_41354 php.pdf」をダウンロード
Sailor Biography: 「www.sailing.org_biography.pdf」をダウンロード 「www.sailing.org_biography.pdf」をダウンロード

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2012-06-30「ロンドンオリンピック・セーリング競技 その1」http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2012/06/1-e612.html

Paul Elvstrom Claim Back to Back Gold Medals - 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, Finn Class: https://www.olympic.org/videos/sailing/melbourne-stockholm-1956

the story on Paul Elvstrom stated that no other Olympic athlete had won more than four consecutive gold medals. Actually, two have: Hungarian Aladar Gerevich <HUN> in Fencing and Sir Steve Redgrave <GBR> in Rowing. As for those sitting on four, in addition to Elvstrom <DEN> there are Ben Ainslie <GBR> (sailing), Al Oerter <USA> (discus), Carl Lewis <USA> (long jump), Michael Phelps <USA> (200 meter swimming medley), and Kaori Icho <JPN> (woman's freestyle wrestling). Also, Elvstrom did not invent the self-bailer but he did design a widely used version.

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