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2009年5月20日 (水)

If it doesn't float, is it a 'boat'? (浮いていない場合、これは‘ボート’だろうか?)

If it doesn't float, is it a 'boat'? (浮いていない場合、これは‘ボート’だろうか?)

Alt_lx_web_17_3 Alt_lx_web_12_4 'Mirabaud LX - the ’’boat’’ with no buoyancy' 

 The experimental sailing boat Mirabaud LX has successfully completed its first ride with no buoyancy whatsoever. The foiler will participate in Weymouth speed week this year. But is it a boat?

The 2009 version of the Mirabaud LX foiler was presented to the public and media this morning during a press conference at the Société Nautique de Genève. Supported by Mirabaud & Cie, Banquiers Privés, Thomas Jundt’s foiler captivated the national and international sailing audience last year thanks to its revolutionary concept. The 2009 version of the 'boat' represents a new step forward.

The Mirabaud LX 2009 has a new 'hull' that favours speed and stability in light wind. Its mast has also been reinforced in order to improve the upwind sailing angle, as well as the reactivity of the boat. Finally, the sensors used to trim the foiler’s flaps have been improved, allowing a better precision whilst sailing.

Mirabaud LX is now a brand new 'boat'; none of the elements of the original 18-footer have been kept, and every single part of the boat has been created specifically.

The first sailing sessions of the 2009 season have allowed Thomas Jundt and his crew to validate their choices. The 'boat' flies better; it is also faster and easier to sail when the wind doesn’t allow flying.



実験的なセール・ボートMirabaud LXは、なんらの浮力体なしで、最初の走行に成功した。このフォイラー(水中翼船)は今年のWeymouthスピード・ウイークに参戦する。しかし、これはボートだろうか?

The Mirabaud LX 2009 は軽風でもスピードと安定性を保つ新しい艇体をもつ。マストは、艇の反応性のみならず、風上へのセーリング角度を向上させるために強化された。フォイラーのフラップの調整に用いるセンサーも、セーリング中のより精度の高いトリムができるよう、向上している。

Mirabaud LXは、これからは新しいブランドのであり、原型である18-フッターの要素は何も継承していない、艇のあらゆる部分は特に創作されている。


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