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2010年3月25日 (木)

18th man, Two Topics from Louis Vuitton Trophy

Latestnewsfromthelouisvuittontrop_2Who is the 18th man?
America's Cup yachts (up to the 32nd AC, IACC class) are crewed by 17 individuals. These boats must carry what is known as the 18th man, a passenger or the equivalent weight up to 100 kg. This is a highly sought-after position, often filled by a celebrity or a representative from one of the key sponsors to the team.

アメリカスカップ・ヨット(32回アメリカスカップまで, IACCクラス)は、乗組員は17人である。この艇には、乗客もしくは100kgまでの同等の重量を、18番目の男として搭載しなければならない。これは高い地位の人に充てられる場所であり、しばしば有名人とかチームのキイ・スポンサーの一人の代表者によって占められる。

Vuittontrophylogo_2TOPIC 1:
18th Man - The best seat in the house!

Louis Vuitton Trophy: 06 Mar 2010 by Suzanne McFadden

In 1980, a French skipper named Bruno Troublé asked America’s Cup officials if he could take an extra man on board his challenging 12-Metre yacht France III. The owner, pen magnate Baron Marcel Bich*, wanted to be on board as a very fascinated spectator. His request was refused, so Bich took on the role of a winchman, but he never turned a handle. - <extract>

Full story: 「LatestnewsfromtheLouisVuittonTrophy18thMan.jpg」をダウンロード 「LatestnewsfromtheLouisVuittonTrophy18thMan.pdf」をダウンロード

Sailworld_square_2TOPIC 2 :
Luis Vuitton Trophy: Wakatere's Jack, 14, joins Kiwi crew for final

Sail-World: 21 Mar 2010 by Suzanne McFadden
O'Pen Bic Race Champion レースチャンピオン(14歳)
Fourteen-year-old Jack Simpson has only ever said 'hello' to his heroes on board Emirates Team New Zealand, but today he he was due to became part of their crew – earning the 18th man spot for winning the Louis Vuitton Junior Trophy in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour today. - <extract>

Louis_vuitton_open_bic<photo> "Bottom mark action in the O'Pen Bic for the Louis Vuitton Junior Trophy"

Full story: 「sailworld_comlouisvuittontrophywakateresjack14.jpg」をダウンロード 「sailworld_comlouisvuittontrophywakateresjack14.pdf」をダウンロード
Web: http://www.sail-world.com/Asia/Louis-Vuitton-Trophy:-Wakateres-Jack,-14,-joins-Kiwi-crew-for-final/67679

*Baron Marcel Bich

Ft_logoThe 18th man
- Financial Times, published: May 13 2007 14:39
Amid the slender and beautiful people who throng the dockside at any international sailing regatta, the representative of the Financial Times cut a rather forlorn figure. Leaving aside the slender-and-beautiful issue, there was the worrying matter of the sea.
An America’s Cup yacht has 18 people who have to squeeze into a space about as long as a large living room and as wide as a small bathroom. There are 17 skilled and fit professionals, who are not supposed to allow an ounce of flab on their bodies or their boats – and one passenger, the 18th man,brought along for the ride. In the context of international sport, this is bizarre: Manchester United don’t allow spectators to plonk themselves inside the penalty area. In the context of the America’s Cup, it is not at all bizarre. Sport and money are conjoined twins, we know that. But nowhere else is the link quite so obvious and unashamed. -<extract>
by Matthew Engel

Full story: 「www_ft_com_the_18th_man_88.jpg」をダウンロード 「www.ft.com_The 18th man.pdf」をダウンロード
Web: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/40d44868-0142-11dc-8b8c-000b5df10621.html

Ny_times_2_3Marcel Bich, 79, Dies, Cheap Pens Yielded Riches
- The New York Times, Jun 1, 1994
He lavished many millions on his stubborn, even obsessive, pursuit of the America's Cup, yachting's prestigious prize. His challenge in 1970 was the first from outside the English-speaking world, and he raced his handsome 12-meter sloops France and France I, II and III off Newport, R.I., with a dash of high theater and in sartorial splendor.

Full story: 「www.nytimes June1 1994.jpg」をダウンロード 「www.nytimes June1 1994.pdf」をダウンロード
Web: http://www.nytimes.com/1994/06/01/obituaries/marcel-bich-79-dies-cheap-pens-yielded-riches.html

Couv_2 America1 Bich_baron_marcel_big20
「至高の銀杯 アメリカス・カップ物語」 小島敦夫著 時事通信社
「アメリカス・カップ その歴史と栄光」 小島敦夫著 丸善ライブラリー


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