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2010年6月26日 (土)

Singapore Optimist Open Championship 2010

Here's a long-distant "Thank you very much" and "ARIGATOU" to all of you.

From June 14th through 19th, I participated in the Singapore Optimist Open Championship & Singapore National Byte C2 Championship at the National Sailing Centre, West Coast Parkway. It was the second time to visit here.
The regatta went off very well. The scale of regatta was great. Entrants were 205 boats in all (Optimist 195 boats and Byte C2 20 boats). Optimist boat is very popular in the world. Byte may be not well-known, but it is chosen as a race boat for the first Youth Olympic Games (YOG) with Techno 293 windsurfing board. Incidentally, YOG will be held from Aug 14 to 26 at various parts of Singapore. The events are 26 Sports from Aquatics to Wrestling.
YOG official website: www.singapore2010.sg/

The results and photos of the regattas are detailed on the Singapore Sailing Federation official website. http://www.sailing.org.sg/

Well, the National Sailing Centre has lots of able staffs. Women's work is prominent in particular! What is the reason saying that? Every person treats women on equal terms with men. Then men and women are almost equal in physical and in mental, and at sea and on shore duty.
I would like to make an address of gratitude from the bottom of my heart to some ladies who have taken good care of me.
Then on this blog, instead of regatta reporting, I will report their activities through some pictures which I took at the venue.

(right) Ms TEO May Ling :Office Manager & Secretariat Liaison
Thanks May Ling. She was an important liaison between the regatta organisation and me, and took care of me for saving hotel and so on.
(left) Ms TOH Jia Wen :High Performance Executive
She was working at the race office. She was very tough and always had a smile on her face while wandering here and there.
(not in photo) Ms SOH ling Ying :High :Performance & Events Excecutive
Please study Japanese language as hard as you could!

Jal_img_1882(right) Ms Tengku Jaleha :Sailing Programme Coordinator
Nick name is JAL. The Japan Air Line has been bankrupt, but she is prosperous more and more. She took on the role of jury secretary through admirably this time too.
Shirly_img_1876(right) Ms Shirley TAN :Customer Service Executive
I met Shirley again in two years. She is vital still more.  
(left) Ms Joa RESURRECCION :Customer Service Executive
I first met Joa. 
Shirley and Joa are surely the drawing card of the NSC. They have never run out of smile. Then many young and old both sexes always gathered around them. I have also taken pleasure in looking at their faces every morning.
Marlene_img_1875(right) Mrs. Marlene Lim :Events Executive
(left) Her daughter :Race Committee
Marlene is surely a Key person in the race office. She has always grasped the conditions of the regatta. Then, when I have often asked how the regatta has been progressing, she has not spared herself in informing it in spite of very busy. It was very helpful for me to put out to sea.
And also she is interested in Japan. On behalf of all Japanese, thanks so much for your concerning about Japanese culture.
Her daughter is shy a little, but smart. She bears a striking likeness to her mother. I have often met her for getting water bottles on the sea. She is an excellent sailor and also a capable race officer regardless of youth. There were many young race officers mixed in adults at the NSC. That is one of reason why Singapore young sailors became excellent.
Darren_img_1871Congratulation! Darren Choy.
I have often met him in various places of the world since he was an Optimist sailor. Now he is a world champion and won a victory at this Byte C2 Championship.
Hope to get a gold medal at the YOG. You never daunt by pressure.
Amber Hotel (Kalong).
The accommodation was a hotel at Marine Parade Street. It was not so deluxe, but convenient and reasonable price. Moreover all staffs in the hotel had a homelike atmosphere. I enjoyed talking with them about various topics every night while eating fresh water melon and sweet mango. Thanks to them,
I could know very well what's going on in Singapore.
Let me add a letter of thanks in conclusion.
I very much appreciate warm cooperation you accorded to me for the wonderful week of the Singapore Optimist Open Championship & Singapore National Byte C2 Championship. I really enjoyed the racing and all functions sponsored by the organisation.
Seeing magnificent Singaporean landscapes and knowing good-natured persons like all of you I have met there will surely be imprinted on my mind as my lifelong memories along with beautiful scene of sea and green.
This time, I was impudent enough to apply to Executive Director and Head of Admin for participating in the regatta to broaden experience. Thanks to both, I could gain good results and somehow achieve my aim. The competition with such many competitors from various countries was a golden opportunity. Thank you again for making my job easy.
Lastly, I sincerely wish you and your federation in great prosperity.
Very cordially yours:
Sen Yamaoka
Img_1877_2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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