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2010年7月20日 (火)

Seven Feet Cup 2010 - Final Day

Match Race : winners

Today was held the final race of the match - time Cup seven feet . "

As a result of circular races in the semi-finals came Evgeny Neugodnikov (Ekaterinburg), Wataru Sakamoto (Japan) , Simone Ferrareze ( Italy), Faroh Tarapor (India). Neugodnikov three semifinal races won from Tarapora . Semi-final race between the Italian and Japanese Sakamoto Ferarreze were very dramatic. In the first match Ferareze beat Sakamoto . During the starting procedure of the second match , the yacht with the Japanese skipper faced yacht Ferareze . Both yachts were greatly damaged. The judges have shown the Japanese sailors black flag, and one point for the second match got Ferareze . Japanese yachtsman refused to participate in the third game and gave the victory Ferareze .

Crucial matches were postponed to today . As a result, rested and recovered from yesterday's incident Sakamoto beat Tarapora two consecutive games and finished third . Indian Faroh Tarapor - on the fourth .
The final race between the Italian and Ferarreze favorite races - Eugene Neugodnikovym - was swift and bright : yacht Ferrareze early in the race proved to be dangerously close to the yacht Neugodnikova , but the latter quickly broke forward and scored , according to the judges ' predictable victory. " Recall that Eugene Neugodnikov not lose any of the 17 races.

1491_4 The remaining seats were divided as follows.
5. Andrew Arbuzov (Moscow )
6. Benki Park ( South Korea )
7. Eugene Nikiforov ( Moscow )
8 . Nikolay Korolev (Vladivostok)
9 . Vladimir Lipavsky (Moscow)
10. Catherine Kutova (Vladivostok)
11. Zahid Rauf ( Pakistan )
12 . Kichol Park ( South Korea)

It should be abolished, and that in this match - flight occurred a record number of breakdowns and collisions . Of the 6 class submarines Platu 25P to the finale of the water could get only one pair of yachts. As acknowledged by the Chief Umpire , 1485_2 Laurence Walch , he had never seen so many injuries in one competitions . The first major clash occurred in the second day of racing : Yacht K. Pak, at full speed experienced yacht Lipavsky , resulting in one of the boats were seriously damaged and could not continue to take part in races . And if in this case, the cause of the collision was a tactical mistake Korean sailor , the role played by his lack of training , in the case of Sakamato , any force majeure : a consequence of a maneuver sailor began to fall, but did not release steering wheel from the hands to keep his balance . As a result, he was unable to avoid a collision , and two more boats were sent in for repair.

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