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2010年7月14日 (水)

The International Sailing Championship devoted to Vladivostok 150 Anniversary

Here's a long-distant "Большое спасибо" , "ARIGATOU" to you.

From Jul 2nd through 4th, “The International Sailing Championship devoted to Vladivostok 150 Anniversary” was held at the Seven Feet Yacht Club (SFYC) in Vladivostok. The regatta was a great success and everything went off very well.
The Press-Release in the end of this article gives the details of the championships.
SFYC website: http://sfyc.ru/photo/2010/chempionat-vladivostoka-150/
Dsc09757 1_dsc00007
This time, Vladivostok-City Administration and the SFYC kindly invited Japan team and provided all expenses including travel, accommodation and meals. Thanks for your exceptional consideration.
Here I respectfully make an address of gratitude from the bottom of my heart to the organization and many people who have assisted us officially and privately.
On this blog, instead of regatta reporting, I’d like to introduce some persons who gave us kind assistance during our stay with photos.
(Photos from the website, Alena Stepanova, Jeong Sun-Hwa, and by me)

Mrs. Tatiana Ermakova : Secretariat of SFYC

It was the third time to meet her. Tatiana played an extremely active the International regatta as usual. She served perfectly as liaison between the regatta organisation and foreign teams, Korea, China and Japan, and carried out an important mission to save travel, accommodation and meals for the teams. And also she completed this International Regatta as Principal Race Officer (PRO). She worked day and night during regattas. All we could do was to admire her activity. Please recover from your fatigue. And please pass on our best regards to Ilya and Vladimir. Thanks Tania!
<second from the right>
Commodore Mr. Mikhail Ermakov : Commodore of SFYC
Mikhail was a responsible person in charge of the big events. He always courteously attended to the foreign sailors. Such dignity ceremonies of opening and prize-giving won't be able to be managed without his enthusiasm and passion. The ceremonies were the highlight of the regatta for Japan team.
Mr. Evegeny Kromchenko : Vice-president of Far Eastern Sailing Federation
Evegeny was also a Chair of Jury. He, Natalia and me were jury members. We put in three days on both on-the-water job and protest hearings. It was sheer gibberish for me to hear Russian, then his interpretation was very useful. It was a valuable experience and pleasant time.

1_p10007831_3 2_p10007541_3 3_dscn81071_3
<from the left, at "Hotel Vladivostok", at the ceremony place, at the restaurant "Sail">
MIss Maria Demia
: University student

Maria contributed her effort as an interpreter of Russian-Japanese for Japan team. She attended constantly at the Japan team all the time from the early morning until the night. Of course it included picking-up on the arrival at the airport and the departure. Japan team has to bestow our highest possible thanks on her. She is not only beautiful but also intellectual despite her youth. Her Japanese speaking is excellent and she is interested in Japan. On behalf of all Japanese, thanks so much for your concerning about Japan culture. Please fly to Japan in the nearest future as we all are looking forward to seeing you again in Japan.

1_img_1927 1_img_1922
Mrs. Natalia Chubenko
: Jury
Allow me to call you Natasha. Natasha was a member of Jury. She loves ocean sailing and sailed to Nishinomiya yacht harbor (my home port) this May. She always worked hard to improve her judging skill. She is sure to be an able judge before long.
Her daughter was also a race official on the race committee boat and did a good job.

6_15420 4_p10007031_4    
<left side photo: from the left, Richard, Nikita, Yuito>, <right side photo: from the lelt, Iwan, Sen, Nikita, Maria>
Congratulation! Nikita Yuruk : Optimist sailor
Nikita won a victory at this Optimist Championship. Yuito Shintani took 2nd place and Richard Khavilov took 3rd place. Nikita
is not only a top sailor on the water but a good friend for Japan team ashore. Nikita, Richard and many Russian sailors were pro-Japanese. Japanese children had great time here and welcome you to come to Japanese regattas. Nikita is well in Japan because he participated in the Japan Junior Yacht Club Union (JJYU) regatta 2005, Gamagori Aichi, 2006, Wakura, Ishikawa and 2007, Wakasu, Tokyo. Richard also participated in the JJYU regatta 2007, Wakasu, Tokyo.

2_15466 Img_1945_2
Miss Tatiana Kulakova and Mr. Konstantine Nosov : Laser Sailor
Konstantine won the first place at this Laser Championship. Tatiana won the third place. Both they were on a winners' platform. Congratulation!  The Laser is the national Laser which is called Luch. Luch means Arrow in Russian. Both of them have often been to Japan recently, then they
are well in Japan.
Tania participated in the JJYU regatta 2006, Wakura, Ishikawa and 2007, Wakasu, Tokyo. Since then she took part in the Japan Laser Radial Championship 2008, Gamagori, Aichi and 2009, Enoshima, Kanagawa. In addition, she was a delegate of the Laser Radial World Championship 2009 at Karatsu, Japan.
Konstantine also participated in the JJYU regatta 2005, Gamagori, Aichi, 2007, Wakasu, Tokyo. And he took part in the Japan Laser Radial Championship 2008, Gamagori too and was a delegate of the Laser Radial World Championship 2009, Karatsu, Japan.
They must have made their proficient for sailing skill in Japan.

1_img_1916 1_img_1915 
<left side photo: from the left, Nikolai's wife, Korelov Nikolai, baby, Alexander Gaidaenko, Sen>
Mr. Nikolai Korolev and Mr. Alexander Gaidaenko
Kola came to Japan to participate in the JJYU regatta 1998, 12 years ago, at Tannowa, Osaka. It was the second time for me to meet Russian Junior sailors. At the time Kola was youngest among the team, but now he married and has an adorable child. He is doing a flourishing Sail business nearby the club.
Alex participated in the JJYU regatta 2003, Obama, Fukui and after the regatta came to Osaka. I was very surprised that he was slender at the time but now fat. I have very fond memories of both them. A proverb says "Time flies like an arrow".

8_15419_2 3_15504
<left side photo: left, Nikita, right, Alexey>, <right side photo: leftmost, Ekateria>
Mr. Alexey Voloshenko : Laser sailor
Miss Ekaterina Kutovaya ; Keel boat skipper

Ekaterina also came to the JJYU regatta 2000, Yonago, Tottori. In this International regatta, she helmed a big boat and was on a winners' platform with her crews together. She is a Face Book friend of mine, but it was a pity for me not to be able to talk with her because of no time there.
Alexey often came to Japan. He participated in the JJYU regatta 2005, Gamagori, Aichi, 2006, Wakura, Ishikawa and the Japan Laser Radial Championship 2008, Gamagori, Aichi. He sailed Laser on this race. We promised to meet again in Japan.

1_img_7902_2 Dsc02215_3 1_15436_3
Korean Team

Jia Kim won the first place at the Optimist Girls. Ms Jeong Sun-Hwa, the Deputy Secretary General of Busan Sailing Federation, and Mr. Choi Jung-Yeon, the coach of the Federation had dinner with me twice. We changed information about junior sailing frankly each other.

1_img_1955 1_img_1959_2 1_img_1962
Prizes and Souvenirs
The winners and prize holders were awarded with golden cups, medals and diplomas. All foreign participants were gifted with luxurious souvenirs. It must be unforgettable memento of Vladivostok 150 Anniversary.
Sparkling Gold plate is decorated with a magnificent Sail Ship encircled by City sign, Light house, Anchor, Steering Wheel and Compass associated with port city. 
Have a good look at the supernatural power of Amur Tiger!

6_15442_2 7_15434 15425 5_15460 

Let me add a letter of thanks in conclusion.

We very much appreciate warm cooperation you accorded to Japan team for the wonderful week of the International Sailing Championship devoted to Vladivostok 150 Anniversary. I really enjoyed the racing, Judging and all functions sponsored by the organisation.
Lastly, I sincerely wish good-natured persons we have met there and the Seven Feet Yacht Club in great prosperity.
Thanks again. Sen Yamaoka

Sfyc_logo_3 Press-Release
5 July 2010 Vladivostok
International regatta was held in Vladivostok
During celebration of Vladivostok’s 150th anniversary, water area of the city was decorated with white sails of sailing cruising and junior boats.
About 200 adult yachtsmen and 60 young sailors took part in the races, including 27 Optimist sailors from Russia, China, Japan, South Korea. Races took place on 2 – 4 July.
On July 2nd just before the first junior race opening ceremony took place. All competitors were congratulated by the head of city’s sports committee and vice-president of Russian Yachting Federation. Russian National and regatta flags were hoisted by last year’s winners.
During the regatta participants faced different weather conditions: fog, low wind, rain and sun. But most of time there was stable south-eastern wind of 3 – 6 meters per second.
7 races out of 8 scheduled were sailed by all junior classes: Optimist, Cadet, National Laser.
In Optimist open class the most challenging struggle developed between the local sailor Nikita Yurku and Japanese Yuito Shintani who won 3 races in a raw on second racing day. But Nikita’s total score let him won 5 points ahead of Yuito who was 2nd in the final ranking list. Richard Khavilov from Vladivostok took 3rd place.
Optimist girls division was represented by 3 Chinese, 1 Korean, 1 Japanese and 1 Russian female sailors. The strongest 3 are as follows: Jia Kim – S.Korea, Nagisa Mawatari – Japan and Zhang Yu Chen – China. Girls were 6th, 7th, and 8th in the open division correspondingly. 
Zhang Yu Chen (China): We were competitors on the water but good friends afterwards when came ashore. Russian children are very well-wishing, merry and communicable. We had great time here.

At the prize giving ceremony on July 4th the winners and prize holders were awarded with cups, medals and diplomas. All foreign participants were also gifted with souvenirs.
Hospitable “Seven Feet Yacht Club” will be glad to welcome young sailors from neighboring Asian countries next time.

Results in “Optimist” Open

1 place – Nikita Yurku (Russia);
2 place – Yuito Shintani (Japan);
3 place – Richard Khavilov (Russia).
Results in “Optimist” Girls
1 place – Jia Kim (Korea);
2 place – Nagisa Mawatari (Japan);
3 place – Zhang Yu Chen (China).

VIDEO: Children rewarding closing regatta 150 years Vladivostok: http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/17.html

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