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2011年1月 6日 (木)

UK-Halsey - Racing Rules Test 2011

Title_2       In an effort to find better ways to teach the racing rules of sailing, UK-Halsey has developed a multiple choice test to help you apply the rules to common racing scenarios. Instead of trying to "catch” you with tricky questions, we want you to become familiar with likely situations where boats come together so that you will immediately know your rights and obligations.

Test_jpeg_2     The test is free to take, but we do ask that you login to the UK-Halsey site. If you have registered to get our newsletter or use our animated rules quizzes, you can login in with the e-mail address that you used in the past. If you need to create a new login, we don’t ask for a lot of personal information and our published privacy policy clearly states that we do not share, sell or trade your information with anyone.

     Upon finishing the test, the answers are tabulated and a score sheet plus the percentage of correct answers are immediately shown. Next, you can click on the question number to see a detailed explanation of the correct answer. Feel free to take the test as many times as you want. We will post a new test in a month.

Racing Rules Test: http://www.ukhalsey.com//rulesquiz/quiztest/home.asp

- Answer input

1_3 2_3 3_3

- Correct answer & Explanation

4_2 5_2
ではレッツ・スタート !

<TEST> 18 Questions 
- Test 1-6
Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz__2 Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz__3 Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz__4
Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz__5 Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz__6 Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz__7
- Test 7-12
Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz__8 Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz_24 Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz_10
Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz_14 Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz_15 Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz_16
- Test 13-18
Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz_17 Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz_18 Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz_19
Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz_21 Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz_22 Http__www_ukhalsey_com_rulesquiz_23




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