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2012年3月26日 (月)

First yacht reaches 77 degrees south - ロシアヨット南緯77°に到達

Scorpious 1_ross_sea_3 First yacht reaches 77 degrees south

Ukrainian-Russian crew aboard sailing yacht Scorpius set the new world record in navigation sailing into the Ross Sea, west Antarctica. The 30 meters (98 ft) Scorpius  became the first yacht to reach 77 degrees south latitude, reported UNIAN. - Fri 23 March 2012

A Russian/Ukrainian crew has become the first to sail a yacht to a latitude of 77 degrees south in the Ross Sea, west Antarctica.
The eight men - four each from Russia and the Ukraine - left the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol on 25 September, heading for the country's Akademik Vernadskyy Antarctic station, a trip of 2,000 miles on the 98-footer (30 metres) Scorpius.
After reaching 77 degrees south, the next records for the crew will be circumnavigating both Antarctica south of 60 degrees south and the Arctic north of 65-70 degrees north in the same polar year - the first yacht to achieve such a feat.
2_ross_sea_region_map_600 20120406scorpiusboat The crew, lead by Sergey Nizovtsev, plans to sail through all five oceans without stopping. They will be at sea for a two and a half continuous years, covering 70,000 miles, both of which will also be records.

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James_clark_ross * The Ross Sea was discovered by Sir James Clark Ross (*British naval officer and explorer, left) in 1841. In the west of the Ross Sea is Ross Island with the Mt. Erebus volcano, in the east Roosevelt Island. The southern part is covered by the Ross Ice Shelf. Roald Amundsen started his South Pole expedition in 1911 from the Bay of Whales, which was located at the shelf. In the west of the Ross sea, McMurdo Sound is a port which is usually free of ice during the summer. The southernmost part of the Ross Sea is Gould Coast, which is approximately two hundred miles from the Geographic South Pole.
All land masses in the Ross Sea are claimed by New Zealand to fall under the jurisdiction of the Ross Dependency, but few non-Commonwealth nations recognise this claim.
A 10 metre (32.8 feet) long colossal squid weighing 495 kilograms (1,091 lb) was captured in the Ross Sea on February 22, 2007.   (WikipediA)


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