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2013年1月24日 (木)

Bernard Stamm officially RETIRED from Vendee Globe

Vendee_globe_logo既報のとおり、Vendee Globeに参加していたスイスセーラーBernard Stamm(艇名:Cheminees Poujoulat)は「外部からの援助」の規則違反によって大会から失格とされた。ただし彼はこれに対する再審問の判決が下される前に、未確認物体に衝突し、ホーン岬を回航したところで、正式にリタイアーした(RETIRED) 。現在スタート/フィニッシュ地点であるles sables d'olonne(フランス)に向けて帰航中である。 

BalanceThe_jury_by_john_morgan_3Rules and Regulations are for the guidance of wise men and for the obedience of fools. These words were addressed by W. Churchill to an admiral who should have given his utmost to despatch a convoy to Malta without delay.


Monsieur Bernard..... Sending love and light....Safe journey above all.

----- Vendee Globe Official Website の記事から
2012年11月10日 フランス西・大西洋岸 Les Sables D'olonneをスタート

2012年1223, 04:00 ニュージーランドAuckland諸島沖で水力発電機トラブル発生  
20121223, 20:00 ロシア海洋科学調査船と遭遇・繋留 
20121224, 15:07 レース委員会からCheminees Poujoulatに対し抗議 
201311, 18:00 インターナショナル・ジュリーにより失格の判決  
201313, Cheminees Poujoulatから再審問の要求をジュリーに提出 
201314, 各レース艇からインターナショナル・ジュリーおよびレース委員会に対し抗議書提出 
201316, 未確認浮遊物に衝突、レース続行不能となる 
201319日, 12:49 ホーン岬を回航
201319日, 17:11 
レースからリタイアー Bernard Stamm officially retires from the race) 
2013112, 12:00 再審問で失格が確定 

<Bernard Stammの記事はこれ以降は見当たらない>
1_poujoulat_bernardstamm_retire_2(1) The Final Decision
Saturday 12 January 2013, 19h07
The final decision on Cheminees Poujoulat case
Following the examination of the evidence presented to the re-opened hearing of Case No 4 the final decision is confirmed that Cheminees Poujoulat is to be disqualified from the event.
The full report can be found here

2013112日(土), 19h07
Cheminees Poujoulat ケースの最終判決 

Case番号4の再審問に提出された証拠を審査の結果、最終判決はCheminees Poujoulatが本大会から失格とされることで確定した。 

Meanwhile, Bernard Stamm (Cheminees Poujoulat) sails, at high-speed north of the Falklands. For the Swiss sailor, he is making the most of his boat for the sole pleasure of sailing alone. The confirmation by the jury of his disqualification does not alter the situation since refueling diesel after Cape Horn. For Bernard, the goal is to achieve the best possible journey to Les Sables d'Olonne. But between the desire to preserve his boat, the desire to take full advantage of the boat’s potential and the lack of competition, Bernard Stamm (Cheminees Poujoulat) will be managing a cocktail of strange emotion.

2_stammretire(2) The Jury Confirm Their Decision
Saturday 12 January 2013, 17h15
Following the examination of the evidence presented to the re-opened hearing of Case No 4 the final decision is confirmed that Cheminees Poujoulat is to be disqualified from the event.
The full report can be found here

2013112日(土), 17h15

Case番号4の再審問に提出された証拠を審査の結果、最終判決はCheminees Poujoulatが本大会から失格とされることで確定した。 

3_indianocean17122012(3) News from Bernard Stamm
Saturday 12 January 2013, 16h07
At 8PM (UTC) on Friday, January 11, Bernard Stamm was sailing at the speed of 16.5 knots, northwest of the Falkland Islands, on a route parallel but north to Javier Sanso's, Arnaud Boissieres' and Dominique Wavre's. On Saturday morning, Cheminees Poujoulat was 6296.26 miles away from the finish line.

Bernard Stammからの知らせ 
2013112日(土), 16h07

111日(金)午後8時(UTC)、Bernard Stammはフォークランド諸島の北西を、16.5ノットの速度で帆走している、Javier Sanso's, ArnaudBoissieres' Dominique Wavre'sと並行ルートであるが北寄りである。日曜日の朝、Cheminees Poujoulatはフィニッシュ・ラインから6296.26マイルである。 

Bernard's message:
Writing a mail isn't easy. I'm not sure I had ever been that shaken since the start of the race. The front is now behind us and I'm sailing in 27-28 knots of wind and a 4 to 5-metre swell. It feels like a rodeo, really, I just can't move around the way I want to on board.
For your information, the Cheminees Poujoulat team's website now features a race map updated as often as the one on VendeeGlobe.org and showing Bernard's progression: http://poujoulat.bernard-stamm.com/carte/

4_poujoulat_bernardstamm_horn_cape(4) Bernard Stamm officially retires from the race
Wednesday 09 January 2013, 19h19
At 5.11PM UTC (6.11PM French time) Cheminees Poujoulat skipper Poujoulat notified the race Direction he is officially retiring from the 2012-2013 Vendee Globe.

Bernard Stammは正式にレースからリタイアーした 
201319日(水), 19:19

05:11PM UTC6.11PMフランス時間)Cheminees Poujoulatのスキッパーは、2012-2013年ヴァンデ・グローブから正式にリタイアーすると、レース運営に通知した。 
「4_http_www.vendeeglobe.org_en_news_newswire_9437_Bernard retires.pdf」をダウンロード

5_stamm(5) Sucessful refuelling operation for Bernard
Wednesday 09 January 2013, 17h36
With no energy on board since Sunday, January 6 after he hit an unidentified floating object, Bernard Stamm rounded Cape Horn this morning and met with his friend Unai Basurko. The Basque sailor was sailing in the area for his personal projects and he provided diesel to the Cheminees Poujoulat skipper, making it possible for him to turn his batteries back on. Once the batteries have charged sufficiently, the Swiss will officially notify the Race Direction that he is retiring from the race in a few hours. He will then resume his route to Les Sables d’Olonne.

201319日(水), 17:36

未確認浮遊物体に衝突した後16日(日曜日)以降艇上にはエネルギー源(電気)がない状態で、Bernard Stammは今朝ホーン岬を回航し、友人のUnai Basurkoと会った。Basqueは自身のプランでこのエリアを帆走しており、Cheminees Poujoulatのスキッパーに、バッテリーの起動を可能にするためジーゼルを提供した。バッテリーが十分チャージされたので、スイススキッパーは23時間後にはこのレースからリ正式にリタイアーすることをレース運営に通知するであろう。その後彼はLes Sables d’Olonne<スタート/フィニッシュ地点>への航路を再開するであろう。 
6_stamminthesun(6) Bernard Stamm done with Cape Horn
Wednesday 09 January 2013, 14h30
Bernard Stamm and his Cheminees Poujoulat monohull rounded Cape Horn on Wednesday at 12.49PM (UTC).

Bernard Stammホーン岬を回航 
201319日(水), 14:30

Bernard StammCheminees Poujoulatモノハル艇は、水曜日12.49PMUTC)にケープホーンを回航した。 
「6_http_www.vendeeglobe.org_en_news_newswire_9393_bernard done.pdf」をダウンロード

7_start(7) Stamm To Re-fuel At Sea
Tuesday 08 January 2013, 18h45
Stamm to re-fuel as soon as possible

201318日(火), 18:45


Breaking News
Bernard Stamm and his Team Cheminees Poujoulat today, announced that the elected to solution to get more fuel onboard his Open 60 Cheminees Poujoulat will be to refuel at sea, boat-to-boat. This solution ensures the safety for the sailor and his monohull, because approaching a port without means of propulsion, or navigation data could be dangerous. With less than 5% of fuel left onboard, energy is severely rationed, and allows Stamm only one communication per day with his team.

On dry land, plans have been organized to respond quickly to his requirement when he arrives. Stamm is 250 miles away from the Cape Horn and has some way to go before he can receive the fuel. According to Cheminees Poujoulat’s speed and the weather conditions, the re-fueling area should be reached somewhere between Wednesday 9 January and Thursday 10 Jaunary. The boat to provide diesel oil to Bernard Stamm is none other than his friend, Unai Bazurko, Pakea Bizcaia, who Stamm raced against in the Velux 5 Oceans and also competed in the last edition of the Vendee Globe. Biskaean Bazurko is in Ushuaia undertaking an environmental expedition and he offered his help. Meanwhile, Bernard Stamm, yesterday, during a brief communication with his team, said that he is extremely tired because of the long hours spent at the helm, but is making good progress to Cape Horn.
「7_http_www.vendeeglobe.org_en_news_article_9329_stamm-to refuel.pdf」をダウンロード

8_stamm2012(8) Refueling at sea for Cheminees Poujoulat
Tuesday 08 January 2013, 11h54
So a refueling at sea, via a boat, is supposed to be the solution chosen by Bernard Stamm and his Team Cheminees Poujoulat. This solution is indeed the one that ensures greater safety for the sailor and his monohull, as approaching a port without means of propulsion or navigation data could be dangerous. With less than 5% of fuel remaining onboard, energy is severely rationed, and allows him only one communication per day with his team.

Cheminees Poujoulatに海上で燃料補給 
201318日(火), 11:54

ボート経由で、海上においての燃料補給が、Bernard Stammおよび彼のチームCheminees Poujoulatによって選択した解決策として提案されている。 この解決策は、セーラーおよび艇の最大限の安全を確保するものであり、推進手段またはナヴィゲーション・データなしでの停泊地への接近は危険であるためである。 
9_start2(9) Stamm is waiting for refueling after the Cape Horn
Monday 07 January 2013, 16h21
Cheminees Poujoulat is still studying every solution to supply some fuel to Bernard Stamm. However, it has been decided that it will be done after the Cape Horn. It remains to define the exact location. We will keep you informed...

201317日(月), 16:21

Cheminees Poujoulatは、燃料を供給する解決策を検討中である。しかし、それはホーン岬回航後に実施するかどうかが決められる。正確な位置を決めたかどうかは未だわからない。あなたの情報を待っている...
「9_http_www.vendeeglobe.org_en_news_newswire_9189_stamm-is waiting.pdf」をダウンロード
10_hydrogenerateurschemineespoujoul (10) The latest on Bernard Stamm
Sunday 06 January 2013, 17h26
Cheminees Poujoulat official press release:
A little before 2PM on Sunday, the Cheminees Poujoulat skipper switched his communication devices back on to contact his team and tell them more about his situation.
Bernard Stamm is currently sailing in a 35-to-40-knot wind and he will have to keep his central navigation unit turned off most of the time since only 5% of the the monuhull’s main battery potential can be used.

Stamm will switch it back on occasionally to send and receive news. He also said he was getting ready to start drawing on his safety water reserve and that he was still heading towards Cape Horn.
Even though it is difficult for the Swiss sailor to have a precise idea of how fast he can expect to progress, the latest routing shows he could round Cape Horn on January 9 as the wind will slow him down on Sunday and Monday.
At this point, stopping in a port for fuel has not been ruled out yet, but Bernard’s team is also considering the possibility of getting fuel from one of the boats present in the area.

Bernard Stammの近況 
201316日(日), 17h26

Cheminees Poujoulat 公式プレスリリース: 
日曜2PM少し前、Cheminees Poujoulatのスキッパーは再び彼の通信デバイスをオンに切り替え、彼のチームに連絡し、現在の状況についての詳細を伝えた。
Bernard Stammは現在35-to-40-knotの風で帆走中である、中央ナヴィゲーションはほとんどの時間スイッチ・オフにしておかなければならない、なぜならメイン・バッテリーの能力はたったの5%しか使用できないからである。

(11) Cheminees Poujoulat hits Unidentified Floating Object
Sunday 06 January 2013, 12h16
Cheminees Poujoulat official press release:
Bernard Stamm has informed his shore crew he has hit an unidentified floating object, which ripped off his port side hydrogenerator.

Cheminees Poujoulatは未確認浮揚物体に衝突 
201316日(日), 12h16

Bernard Stamm公式プレスリリース: 
Bernard Stammは、正体不明の浮遊物体に衝突し、ポート側の水力発電機が破損されたと陸上の仲間に伝えた。

Wwwvsail_info_hydrogenerator_2On Sunday morning, around 3.30AM (French time), Bernard Stamm informed his shore crew he had hit an unidentified floating object, which ripped off his port side hydrogenerator. Is second hydrogenerator seems to be out of order too and it is apparently impossible to recharge.
Because of previous energy-related issues, there is not enough fuel stocked on board. Bernard therefore explained his team he was shutting down all energy-consuming devices to save the little energy he had left for the autopilot. Since then, the Cheminees Poujoulat Sailing Team has not heard from the yacht.

He was 1060 miles away from Cape Horn at 7.30AM (French time).
We are currently studying all available solutions, like finding a sheltered area where Bernard could consider getting fuel as the yacht safety is jeopardized.

日曜日の朝に、3.30AM頃(フランス時間)、Bernard Stammは、正体不明の浮遊物体に衝突し、ポート側の水力発電機が破損されたと陸上の仲間に伝えた。二つ目の水力発電機も故障しているようであり、再充電することは明らかに不可能である。 
前に起きたエネルギー関連のトラブルのため、艇上に貯蔵している燃料は不足している。 したがって、Bernard は、オートパイロットのため残しておくわずかなエネルギーを保存しておくため、すべてのエネルギーを消費するデバイスをシャットダウンしていると彼のチームに伝えた。それ以降、Cheminees Poujoulatセーリング・チームはヨットからの通信を受けていない。 

Possible shelters seem to be located after the Cape Horn rounding. Weather conditions are tough with changing winds, rough sea and cold temperatures. Ice has also been detected in the area.
Here is what Bernard Stamm needs energy on board for:
- The autopilot, a capital tool when sailing solo - Water maker (The team has no idea how much water he has left) - Reception of weather files (the current conditions are difficult) and ice data (ice has been detected in the area) - The central navigation computer showing wind direction and speed, boat data (speed, heading, position) and maps - Position lights - The AIS showing marine traffic - The radar - Moving the keel - The VHF - Communication - The mini-lab
Regis Rassouli (Cheminees Poujoulat team communication manager) during the Vendee Globe Web TV show:
We’ve been in touch with Bernard and last night, he told us he had to shut down everything because there is very little fuel left on board. He was a little bit more than 1,000 miles away from the Horn when it happened. The weather is bad, there is ice in the area, it’s a very tricky situation. So we’re working on several possibilities to find a shelter or get additional fuel. We’re checking the weather and it’s stressful because we know Bernard has no way to receive weather data any more. The boat and Bernard’s safety are clearly jeopardized.
「11_http_www.vendeeglobe.org_en_news_article_9077_cheminee hits.pdf」をダウンロード

Vsail.info: Bernard Stamm's Hydro-generator Problem


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