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2013年9月 1日 (日)

O'pen BIC World Cup 2013 - Part IV (BIC Sport News)

O'pen BIC World Cup 2013 - Part IV
Http__www_bicsport_com_news22_wor_4World O'pen Cup 2013 - day 3 - Final races in dreamland!

For the final day of racing at the 2013 World O'pen Cup the Race Committee went back to the first inner-outer loop course from the first day. The regular as clockwork 15-20 knot thermal wind turned on at 12.30 pm as usual, and allowed for 3 races to be completed in the U16 division, and 2 races for the U13s.

At the end of today's sailing and the event, in the U16 division it was the Italians that finished the strongest, with Federico Zampiccoli (ITA) and Guido Gallinaro (ITA) finishing 1st and 2nd overall. Paula Igual-Garcia (ESP) finished 2nd and 4th in her last two races to complete the podium for the U16s. The Wollmann family from Bermuda had a great finish to their event and managed to gain some places and finish in 5th for Ceci Wollmann (BER) and 6th for her younger brother Mikey Wollmann (BER). Surely a team to watch in coming events! Koji Kiuchi (JAP) was the first finisher from Asia with a strong 7th place inside the top ten.

For the U13s, Kristen Wadley (AUS) simply proved too strong with two bullets on the last day and wins the younger age division. She will surely have some of the U16 sailors looking behind (or in front) of them in the coming years! Just behind Kristen the local Italian sailors showed that they definitely know how to sail, and filled all 2nd-6th places! Andrea Spagnolli (ITA) and Ludovico Journo (ITA) completed the podium. Lisa Nukui (JAP), Jasiewicz Konrad (POL) and Jaime Benthem (ESP) also had a great first World O'pen Cup and finished in 7th, 8th & 9th places respectively.

Outside of the results of the top sailors, this has been a truly exceptional World O'pen Cup 2013 for many reasons :
- An international fleet from 12 different countries, with all participants sailing together and having a great time during the event! Competitors had travelled from as far asAustralia, Japan, Hawaii and Bermuda to come and participate at the World O'pen Cup.
- New participation from Spain, Poland & Slovenia.
- Perfect sailing conditions! 15-20 knots every day with warm water, and
- Superb organization by the Fraglia Vela Riva club to get the kids racing on the water quickly and efficiently, and
- A strong international Jury managing the racing on-the-water correctly and fairly for all sailors.

Many thanks to all of those involved, particularly the participants who for some travelled long distances, and who made this event a true success!

Click on:
All photos of the event http://www.capizzano.com/2013openbicworlds/
Final results U13 http://www.bicsport.com/images/U13%207.htm
Final results U16 http://www.bicsport.com/images/U16.htm  http://www.fragliavelariva.it/sites/default/files/regatta/r1308-result-f2540.htm

Now that this event has come to a close, we are pleased to confirm that the 2014 World O'pen Cup will be held as part of one of the largest youth sailing events in Europe, from 23-26 July 2014 in Travemünde, as part of the famous Travemünde Woche! Further information including the Notice of Race, will be posted before the end of the year. We are already looking forward to it so that we can all go sailing together again!

Stay tuned tohttp://class.openbic.com or the Fraglia Vela Riva club site :http://www.fragliavelariva.it/ , for the final event video that should be ready very shortly with some great sailing action and images.



Http__www_bicsport_com_news22_wor_3World O'pen Cup 2013 - day2 - Fast and furious slalom sailing!

There has been absolutely no change to the weather on Lake Garda today, a sailing dreamland, and so it has once again been perfect for sailing the O'pen BIC! With solid wind gusts of 20+ knots, today the sailors were challenged with a large slalom course that tested their planning and gybing skills to the maximum. If the course itself wasn't enough, a small 360° freestyle move was thrown into the last leg just before the finish. 3 races were completed in the U16 category and 2 races in the U13 category.

In the U13 category Kristen Wadley (AUS) has managed to hold onto her lead, but she is still closely followed by Andrea Spagnoli (ITA) who will be ready to catch her given any opportunity. The battle for the podium is very tight as well as only 1 point separates Journo Ludovico (ITA) in 3rd and Schiliro Vincenzo (ITA) in 4th. Nukui Lisa (JPN), Konrad Jasiewicz (POL) and Jaime Benthem (ESP) are doing well to round out the top 10 in what is their first World O'pen Cup.

In the U16 category, despite another 3 races not much has changed to at least the head of the fleet with the locals showing the rest how to sail on this beautiful lake! Federico Zamiccoli (ITA) and Guido Gallinaro (ITA) are currently in 1st and 2nd place respectively. However, again the race for the podium is very close between Koji Kiuchi (JAP) and Paula Igual-Garcia (ESP), as they also have only 1 point separating them. The team from Bermuda are showing a very strong example of solidarity as they are doing well to occupy together the 6-8th places by Ceci Wollmann & Mikey Wollmann (BER) and Peter Dill (BER) respectively.

Tomorrow the plan is full day of racing so that the sailors in the U16 category can have at least 2 discards. It is the final day in this sailing dreamland, so the racing action promises to be very exciting!

Stay tuned to http://class.openbic.com or the Fraglia Vela Riva club site : http://www.fragliavelariva.it/
, for daily results and photos.



Http__www_bicsport_com_news22_wor_6World O'pen Cup 2013: The racing is underway!

03 August 2013. The magical Lake Garda turned on the sunshine and the wind again today for a full day of racing action of 4 races for the U16 category and 3 races for the U13 category. With wind conditions ever so stable at on.about 15-20 knots, the sailors got their first taste of real racing at the 2013 World O'pen Cup on the same inner-outer loop course as the practice race. The fleet has a very international flavor to it, and it is great to see all 12 participating nations*sailing on the water together.

In the U16 category the racing is very tight and a couple of general recalls (and even a black flag) and tight racing on the first buoys showed the high level of racing. It will be wide open as to who finishes on the podium, as while the local Italians have got off to a fast start with Federico Zampiccoli (ITA) & Guido Gallinaro (ITA) in 1st and 2nd place respectively, they are closely followed by Paula Igual-Garcia (ESP) and Koji Kiuchi (JPN) who should get faster as they adapt to sailing on the lake. Team Bermuda are also in the top 10 with Mike & Ceci Wollmann (BER) in 6th & 7th place, and Jana Germani (SLO) is also doing very well in her first World O'pen Cup.

In the U13 category Kristen Wadley (AUS) is continuing the strong form that she showed at the Italian National Championships and is leading the racing after Day 1. However Andrea Spagnoli (ITA) from the hosting Fraglia Vela Riva club and the rest of the Italian team are making for some very good racing at the top of the fleet. It certainly won't simply be plain sailing for Kristen! Nukui Lisa (JPN), Konrad Jasiewicz (POL), Jaime Benthem (ESP) & Juan Cruz Nores (USA) round out the top 10.

Tomorrow the plan is for some slalom racing. It will be great to see the planing speed of the O'pen BIC in these ideal sailing conditions on Lake Garda.

Stay tuned www.bicsport.com
or the Fraglia Vela Riva club site : http://www.fragliavelariva.it/, for daily results and photos.


Final Results U13 pdf:「u13_results_www.fragliavelariva U13.pdf」をダウンロード
Final Results U16 pdf:「u16_results_www.fragliavelariva U16.pdf」をダウンロード


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