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2014年2月25日 (火)

2014ソチ冬季オリンピック: Best and Worst of 2014 Sochi Olympic Uniforms

2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony: Grading Each Country's Uniform
Despite one snowflake hiccup, the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony was a beautiful display of vibrant colors and amazing uniforms. Here is a breakdown of how each country chose to represent itself on one of sports' biggest stages.
From the muted to audacious, the ceremony was well represented from a fashion sense. Let's embark on a brief jaunt around the world from a sartorial vantage point.
Of course, this is just one fan's thoughts on the wardrobe of each country. It's an obvious subjective endeavor, as one man's failure is another's triumph, so feel free to offer your own grades in the comments section below.
Now let's take a close look at all of these wonderful uniforms.

雪不足にもかかわらず、 2014年ソチ冬季オリンピック開会式は、鮮やかな色と素晴らしいユニフォームとの美しさの展覧だった。ここには、それぞれの国がスポーツの最大の舞台の一つで自国を表現するため選んだ方法の断片がある。 

Http_bleacherreport_com_2  Bleacher Report: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1952463-2014-sochi-winter-olympics-opening-ceremony-grading-each-countrys-uniform#articles/1952463-2014-sochi-winter-olympics-opening-ceremony-grading-each-countrys-uniform/page/87

A_russia_2 ***** Best 5 *****

Grade: A+++
Strong, strong showing from the home team. I need one of those jackets in my closet immediately. That is awesome. Half of the Sochi budget probably went into those coats. Worth it.
(designed by BOSCO)


A_united_states_of_america USA
Grade: A++

The U.S. received flak for uniforms some found a bit audacious. Well, this Ralph Lauren-styled wardrobe is pure class, and I don't care what you say.
Resting atop cream-colored shirts and pants is a cardigan sweater that screams patriotism. We just wish they found room to design a "'Merica!" into the mix.
(designed by Ralph Lauren)

A_canada Canada
Grade: A+
We can't really say anything bad about our friendly neighbors to the north, and that sentiment continues with what they chose to wear for the Opening Ceremony.
You don't need a swath of colors to make a strong sartorial statement. Here, black is used to accentuate the outfit rather than take away. From the snaps on the jacket to the simple but profound caps, there isn't a great deal not to like.
(designed by Hudson's Bay Company)


A_france France

Grade: A+
Now see, this is what we're talking about here. The perfectly tailored jackets almost sit like blazers on each athlete.
Couple that with matching cap and scarf, and you have one of the best uniforms on the night.
(designed by La Coste)


A_germany Germany
Grade: A+
You knew it was coming.
Despite your thoughts on Germany's brash uniforms, you simply have to agree that they are the most unforgettable of nearly 90 countries.
(designed by Adidas) 



B_japan Japan
Grade: B
Just the smallest tweak can matter. Issues we had with Hong Kong's wardrobe are solved by solid coats that hang low, bringing style into the mix without having to lean on color.
(designed by Descent)


C_china_2 ***** Worst 4 *****

Grade: C+
Like many other countries, China chose to don a traditional look. While it certainly looks grand from afar with all of the athletes shown, we wished the clothes could have been a bit more bold.

D_cayman_islands Cayman Islands
Grade: D
We really struggled with this grade. In 2012, the Cayman Islands chose to go with festive suits, but this time around they decided to just throw on what can best be described as winter beach wear.
We don't want to fail any country, especially as they honor their roots how they see fit, and a certain part of us certainly adores this look. However, perhaps they leave the flip-flops at the hotel next time.

D_norway Norway

Grade: D
Those hats...I just don't really know what to do about those hats. It's like Newsies set in the future.
The rest of the outfit is not so bad—I kind of enjoy the blue pants with red zippers—but I just can't get past the hats.

D_slovenia Slovenia
Grade: D-
Did one person design the left side and another person do the right? Who thought it was a good idea to throw some random neon green in there for just one sleeve?
I'm OK with things being uneven, but this just missed. Tim Gunn would have advised against that.
1人が左側をデザインし、別人が右側をデザインしたのか? たった1つの袖にランダムなネオン・グリーンを付けるのが良いアイデアだと誰が思ったのか? 

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