**** Hercules Hits the Canaries by Magic seaweed on Wednesday 8th January, 2014

From an Irish friend;

Hercules Hits the Canaries by Magic seaweed on Wednesday 8th January, 2014   
Hercules took many guises as it made landfall across Europe, from chest-high peelers in English estuaries, to giant mush-burgers off the Basque coast. At this spot in the Canary Islands it took the form of a heaving slab, taken on by a small but courageous crew of hellmen. The ensuing clash saw some glorious moments and an equal number of spine-chilling beatings.
Riders: Alexander Zirke, Vilayta, Manuel Lezcano and Daniel Bruch.




The Day Hercules Met Mullaghmore
by Magicseaweed on Thursday 9th January, 2014

The full force of Hercules hit Ireland on January 6, welcomed by travelling pros, locals and an inquisitive Irish public. Gavin Gallagher was there with camera in hand to capture action on this most anticipated of days.
“As the swell was SW, it didn’t get XXL at Mully this session,” Gavin told us. “The main brunt of the swell was at first light and the long period meant a wait between the big sets, but when they arrived they were smoking. With such big tides it was a short window of two hours to really avail of some big kegs. Red Bull Ireland supported the video production and Irish Surf Tow Rescue coordinated the safety.
“Apart from the hail showers, freezing fingers and difficulty maintaining focus in stiff offshore winds, the main challenge was trying to resist hot whiskeys from my friend Tricky from McGarrigles pub in Sligo. He rocked up with his pimped out VW van and started making very tempting and tasty hot whiskeys for the crowd that had gathered on the cliff to witness the barrel fest. Just another taste of the super hospitable Sligo/Donegal crew!”