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2015年10月12日 (月)


Competition_internationalwindsurf_2IWA (International Windsurfing Association) Website, 2015 ASIAN WINDSURFING CHAMPIONSHIPS
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Asian Championships 2015, Enoshima - Highlights
Posted On: 13/10/2015 14:14:30
Video --- the lower row

The end of a championship - but a New Beginning
Posted On: 04/10/2015 00:48:48

The end of the Asian championship in Enoshima is a new beginning for the venue which will host the Olympic regatta in 2020. It is also a new beginning for lot of the young kids which came here for the weekend to race at junior techno cup.
And the winners are....find out in the video from last day of Asian championships 2015
Day 6 video-New Beginning 
All photos from the event can be found in flickr gallery
Photo gallery 
Thanks for watching - next stop BIC TECHNO 293 Worlds in Cagliari, Sardinia, ITALY.
See you there

Main_www_internationalwindsurfing_c2015 ASIAN CHAMPIONS are:
T293 Junior (u15)-Alexander Lim, Singapore
T293 Youth (u17)-Cheng Ho Yin, Hong Kong
T293 Open Men-Mori Yuta, Japan
T293 Open Women-Kawamura Mao, Japan
T293 PLUS-Iwasaki Yuuta, Japan
RSX Youth-Kikabhoy Rafeek, Hong Kong
RSX Women- Komine Megumi, Japan
RSX Men-Leung Ho Tsun, Hong kong

Congratulations to Principal Race Officer Makoto Kiuchi and his team for maximising the race opportunities during the past week of the championships
A big thank you to organisers and sponsors for such a magnificent effort.

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Day 3 - Racers view
Posted On: 01/10/2015 05:49:51
Variable wind conditions again today with one race for all fleets in the morning and a second race in the afternoon after a rest period ashore.......( more )


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Enoshima Asian Windsurfing Championships gets underway
Posted On: 29/09/2015 03:05:01
Two races were completed for all fleets on the first day of racing at the 2015 Asian Windsurfing Championships hosted by the Enoshima Chotto Yacht Beach Club.......( more )


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Competition - Asians Japan
Flickr Gallery by Patrik Pollak

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関連記事Videos & Photos: http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2015/10/official-videos.html


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