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2016年1月21日 (木)

good cop/bad cop - World Sailing report for Youth Worlds

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January 13, 2016
good cop/bad cop アメとムチ 友人と敵 良い関係悪い関係 

ISAF World Sailing today issued the formal report and recommendations for the Langkawi Youth Worlds in Malaysia we’ve all been waiting for.  You remember – just a day ago, they told us it would be some groundbreaking shit, and we told you not to hold your breath.  It’s not complete crap, and it certainly moves the conversation forward.  But as you’d expect from a report written by an obviously conflicted party working for ISAF, it’s mostly a whitewash, and pretty much every ‘fact found’ had already been published in the Sailing Anarchy Forums or Israeli press days or weeks before.  Let’s have a look (Report excerpts are indented):

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Sailingscuttlebutt_newslpgoScuttlebutt Sailing News
Fridays, January 15, 2016 – issue 4498

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Well, at last, World Sailing has completed its “investigation” into the situation involving the conditions imposed by Malaysia and the Malaysia Yachting Association (MAS) on Israeli athletes, prohibiting them from displaying their national emblems and from playing their national anthem at the recent Youth World Championships … if they could get there.

It is clear that MAS violated the anti-discrimination clause of the World Sailing Constitution. As a result, World Sailing has promised not to allow this situation to occur in the future and has listed sanctions that may be imposed if it does. But no action was taken against MAS.

Based on World Sailing’s failure to take any action with regard to sanctions on MAS for this most recent blatant and outrageous discrimination against Israel, a patent violation of the WS Constitution, one has to have less than complete confidence and faith in the resolve of World Sailing to actually impose sanctions in the future.

Congratulations MAS. You have drawn back the curtain in front of the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz and revealed him to be the weak and cowering paper tiger that he is.
- Henry Menin

Total and utter failure by World Sailing. Again and again. Their "report" and resulting actions are nothing. They've simply reaffirmed their policies on discrimination that have been in place for years. Their response to the outrageous discriminatory behavior of Malaysia in preventing Israeli sailors from competing, is nothing more than "we hope this doesn't happen again - and this time we really mean it."

Yup, that should do it. Sends a clear message to Malaysia. And Oman, too, where next years' Youth Worlds is scheduled. What will happen when Oman follows Malaysia, and discriminates against Israeli sailors? What will World Sailing do TODAY to ensure that doesn't happen?

Or has World Sailing set the stage to claim that the agreement with Oman isn't really subject to the "new" discrimination policies because the agreement with Oman was made before the 'new' policies. The 2016 Youth Worlds could easily be deja vu all over again.
- Michael Rudnick

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