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2016年1月 8日 (金)

Israeli Team Exclusion for ISAF World Youth Championships

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Sail-World.com (as of Jan 9th, 2016)

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Youth Worlds - World Sailing releases statement on Israel exclusion
by Richard Gladwell, Sail-World.com NZL Jan 9, 2016, 06:46:00
The Executive Committee of World Sailing met over the weekend and have issued a short statement on the exclusion of two world champions from the 2015 Youth Worlds held recently in Malaysia. The two sailors were from Israel and were expected to be amongst the medalists at the event if not both repeat their performances from the 2015 RS:X Youth Worlds where Israeli windsurfers won four world titl

Gladwell's Line - World Sailing must address a Sailing Travesty 
by Richard Gladwell, Sail-World.com NZL Jan 7, 2016
Five major sailing nations have now come out demanding answers over the failure to grant visas to two world champions to compete in the just concluded ISAF World Youth Championships in Malaysia. Visas were initially refused on security grounds, but after the regatta was opened the Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sport said the decision was political.

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Israel Sailing wants decisions from World Sailing on visa antics

by Richard Gladwell, Sail-World.com NZL Jan 7, 2016
The exclusion of Israeli sailors from World Championships is not just restricted to Malaysia but has occurred in two other countries hosting Olympic class World Championships in the past 12 months or so. Israel Sailing Association's CEO Smadar Pintov told Sail-World that the Israel Sailing Team has experienced visa issues in Abu Dhabi, Oman and now Malaysia.

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ISAF knew of Youth World champions' exclusion issue from outset
by Richard Gladwell, Sail-World NZL Jan 4, 2016
A detailed search of the Minutes of the then International Sailing Federation show that concerns over competitor entry were raised in 2011, when Langkawi, Malaysia was approved as the venue for the 2015 Youth World Championship. That nightmare turned in reality on Christmas Eve for two Israeli windsurfers who had won the RS:X Class Youth World Championships
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Youth Worlds - Brits express concern over world champions' exclusion
by Sail-World.com NZL Jan 5, 2016
The Royal Yachting Association has joined Yachting New Zealand, US Sailing and the Danish Sailing Association in publicly expressing its concern at the recently concluded ISAF/World Sailing Youth Championship, staged in Malaysia, in which two current world champions were excluded political reasons. 'Participation in sailing must be open to all, on equal terms' says the RYA

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Gladwell's Line - Emergency Meeting over World Champions' visa denial

by Richard Gladwell, Sail-World.com NZL Jan 2, 2016
World Sailing have issued a second media release updating on the refusal of the Malaysian government to issue entry visas to two current world champions so they could compete in the 2015 Youth Worlds. The media statement says that World Sailing has received an interim report on the issue, and will be holding an 'emergency' meeting of the Executive Committee on January 8.

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Youth Worlds - Danes weigh-in over world champs visa scandal 
by Sail-World.com NZL Jan 1, 2016
The President of the national sailing authority in Denmark has called for the status of the World Sailing Youth Championships to be revoked after two leading Israeli competitors were refused immigration visas by the Malaysian Government.

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Youth Worlds - Yachting NZ CEO calls for action by World Sailing
by Martin Tasker, ONE News Dec 30, 2015
The Malaysian government has effectively banned the Israeli team from competing at the Youth Sailing World Champs. Yachting New Zealand, which has an 18 strong team in Malaysia, are now calling on the world sailing organisation to make a stand.

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Youth Worlds - Israeli exclusion attracts mainstream media attention

by Sail-world.com/NZL Dec 30, 2015
Prominent international news conglomerate, Fox News has picked up on the exclusion of two Israeli Sailors and their coach from the 2015 World Youth Championships in Malaysia. In another story, in an Israeli news publication, the headline reads 'Israeli Windsurfers Quit World Tourney in Malaysia Over Flag Flap'. The story also featured in prime time on ONE News in New Zealand.

Youth Worlds - US Sailing denounces exclusion of Israeli windsurfers
by Sail-world.com NZL Dec 30, 2015
US Sailing has become the first member national authority of World Sailing to publicly denounce the actions of the Malaysian Sailing Association and Malaysian Government for effectively excluding the entry of two Israeli windsurfers at the 2015 World Sailing Youth Championship currently underway in Langkawi, Malaysia. See link to story on Fox News

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Isaf_flagYouth Worlds - Organisers in hot seat after Israel sailors excluded

by Richard Gladwell, Sail-World.com NZL Dec 29, 2015
Two Israeli windsurfers and their coach have effectively been denied their right to compete in the World Sailing Youth Championships, which are underway in Langkawi, Malaysia. Israel is the defending champion in the Boys Windsurfer event, and a repeat of their success is clearly too big a dead rat for the Malaysians to swallow.

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Israel blocked at Youth Worlds- “a normal procedure” says OC Malaysia
by Guy Nowell, Sail-World.com D
ec 29, 2015, 09:34:00
Carlo Croce, President of World Sailing, said “As with all diplomatic issues this is quite a delicate matter. World Sailing is aware of the current commentary in the public arena, and have reason to believe that some of the comments may not be accurate or possibly based on misunderstandings. World Sailing is taking this issue seriously.”


IcaWorld Sailing Youth Worlds - Malaysia washes hands of Israeli travesty
by Richard Gladwell, Sail-World.com NZL Dec 26, 2015, 09:34:00
The effective banning of the current world champions from the World Sailing (formerly ISAF) Youth Sailing Championships has been dismissed by the Malaysian authorities. The reason given by the Government is that Visas have not been issued because Malaysia does not have any diplomatic ties with Israel.
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