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2017年6月15日 (木)

AC: Umpire Penalty #3

Ac_rule_bluev1_6America's Cup ウエブサイトを閲覧する時、ところどころに『Umpireの判定やPenalty』に関する記述が登場する。(先般もMis Judgeに触れたところである)。

なぜならマッチ・レースの場合は、“it is a field of play decision and the decision of the umpire stands.”(競技現場の判決であり、アンパイアの判決が最終である)であり、その場のアンパイアの判決が全てで、事後に記録等が公開される仕組みはない。


2. 69
Outteridge leads Artemis Racing to the Louis Vuitton America's Cup Challenger Playoffs Final
9 JUN 2017, Americascup.com

9th June: 35th America's Cup Race Round-Up https://youtu.be/L75hpdCZCwI

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/L75hpdCZCwI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

1. LEG 3/7 (風下レグ)において、JPNおよびSWEの両艇はポート・タックで、オーバーラップし、境界線(BOUNDARY)に接近していた。
2. 内側艇であるSWEが境界線のゾーン内(4艇身ゾーン)でジャイビングし、スターボード・タック艇となった。
3. 外側艇であり、ポート・タック艇でもあるJPNは、内側艇であり、スターボード・タック艇でもあるSWEにルームを与えようと試みたが、少し遅れた。
4. そのためSWEは、JPNとの接触を回避するためラフをし、コース変更をせざるを得なかった。
5. JPNは、RRS AMERICA'S CUP Edition Rule20.2 <Giving Room at a Boundary>およびRRS10Port/Starboard>に違反した。
6.ペナルティーは、RRS AC に基づき2艇身Penaltyを課す。《Blue Flashing
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PowerPoint版: 「americascup_video_june_9th.pptx」をダウンロード

Boundary: The line that marks the limits of the racing area.
Obstruction: An object that a yacht could not pass without changing course substantially, if she were sailing directly towards it and one of her hull lengths from it. An object that can be safely passed on only one side, boundaries and any area so designated by the sailing instructions are also obstructions. However, a yacht racing is not an obstruction to other yachts unless they are required to:
(a) keep clear of her and they are not approaching the starting line to start; or
(b) avoid her under rule 23.
Room: The space a yacht needs in the existing conditions, including space to comply with her obligations under the rules of Part 2, while maneuvering promptly in a seamanlike way.
Zone: The area around marks and obstructions within a distance of three hull lengths and from the boundary within a distance of four hull lengths. A yacht is in the zone when any part of her hulls is in the zone.

Ac_rule_rrs20_220 ROOM TO PASS A BOUNDARY
20.1 When Rule 20 Applies
Unless the sailing instructions state that rule 19 applies to part of the boundary, rule 20 applies between yachts that have started when at least one of them is in the zone of a boundary.
20.2 Giving Room at a Boundary
(a) When rule 20 first applies, an outside overlapped or clear-astern yacht at that moment shall thereafter give an inside or clear-ahead yacht room to sail her proper course, including room to tack or gybe, while the inside or clear-ahead yacht is in the zone, unless the yacht required to give room is unable to do so because she is giving or taking mark-room under rule 18.2(a).
(b) When yachts are passing a boundary on opposite sides, a yacht sailing on a leg to a windward mark or windward gate shall be considered the inside yacht.
20.3 Exoneration
When a yacht is taking room to which she is entitled under rule 20.2(a) she shall be exonerated if she breaks a rule of Section A or rule 15 or 16.
RRS AC Edition pdf:「rrsac_v2.17.pdf」をダウンロード

Full text:「www_americascup_com_en_news_2651_outteridgeleadsartemisracingtothelouisvuittonamericascupchallengerplayoffsf_88.jpg」をダウンロード

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