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2017年6月18日 (日)

America's Cup Endeavour Program

B6_19223034_1779875705372188_5884_2America's Cup Endeavour Program

O’pen BIC AC Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sailbic/
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June 18 04:30 Somerset (Bermuda, Sandys Parish)

We did it! Our young America's Cup Endeavour Program sailors came from all over the world to be here today for the America's Cup half-time show, and we couldn't be more proud of their display!
The crowd went wild for the enthusiastic group who have been working towards this all week in #Bermuda.e1-e4
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June 17 19:34
Today is the DAY! 32 O'Pen BIC America's Cup Endeavour Program sailors from 10 countries worldwide will perform as the half-time show during the America's Cup face-off between ORACLE TEAM USA and Emirates Team New Zealand. Watch LIVE on NBC at 1:30PM EST or check here for your local listing:
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Course_ac_endeavour_2June 17 05:43
America's Cup Endeavour Junior Regattas

Seeing pink today as the America's Cup Endeavour Program Junior Regattas continued!
The next generation of young sailors hit the Great Sound in O'pen BICs and RS Fevas.
https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/acendeavour?source=feed_text&story_id=1402505529829508 1-11
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Schedule_2June 16 20:04
We are proud to be a part of the America's Cup Endeavour Program community here in Bermuda, and are excited for our second day of "Un-Regatta" races today and the awesome weekend ahead here at the America's Cup!
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Http__ac35endeavouropen_com_resultsHalf_time_show_wwwyachtscoringcom_mjune 16 04:21
It was an exciting first day of "Un-Regatta" races today! Kanoa Pick from Hawaii took 1st place with Leo Beyer (Germany) and Aiden Lopes (Bermuda) right behind him. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!
Full Results: http://ac35endeavouropen.com/results/ace
The America's Cup Endeavour Preliminary Cumulative Results:「http__ac35endeavouropen_com_results.jpg」をダウンロード 「www.yachtscoring.com_event_results_cumulative.pdf」をダウンロード
Half-Time Show Preliminary Cumulative Results:「half_time_show_www_yachtscoring_com_event_results_cumulative.jpg」をダウンロード  「half_time_show_www.yachtscoring.com_event_results_cumulative.pdf」をダウンロード

June 15 19:58 Somerset (BermudaSandys Parish)
Yesterday we held the official practice for our young Endeavour sailors on the Great Sound.
They were thrilled to swing by Emirates Team New Zealand who were all smiles as we exited the harbor. d1-d6
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America's Cup Endeavour Program


America’s Cup Endeavour O’pen - Half-time show」 http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2017/05/americas-cup-ac.html


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