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2020年8月11日 (火)

Reviews of the Best Sailing Gloves

Reviews of the Best Sailing Gloves
Sailing-world We compiled a list of some of the best sailing gloves on the market today and decided which ones we couldn't sail without.
By Editors
Updated: April 22, 2019

Sailing gloves are a critical piece of gear for any sailor – whether it be for warmth, comfort or to help with grip, they have a place on board any size boat. But how do you know in advance of buying which pair of gloves best suits your needs?

In this roundup you'll find sailing glove reviews from some of the top manufacturers in the game today. From popular sailing gloves for women and men to the best sailing gloves for the winter months, you'll find everything you need to know before making your decision.

1-gill-three-season-glove-gill 1. Gill Three Season Glove has been around for some time and continues to be an excellent choice for cold weather sailors. the 1.5mm neoprene will ensure that your hands stay warm when they inevitably get wet and offer much more range of motion than a bulkier waterproof glove. As a former college sailor, the Gill Three Season Glove was a go to choice for cold March regattas.

2-gill-deckhand-glove-gill☚ 2. Gill Deckhand glove comes in both short and long finger versions and is a versatile choice for a glove. These gloves are a common sight on the racecourse as they are a reliable glove that will hold up to a season's beating on the course. They are also a good choice for those not looking to spend too much on a pair of hearty sailing gloves.

3-gill-pro-gloves-gill 3. Gill Pro glove is Gill's top of the line performance glove. The material is designed to be extra durable and the glove is made to last season after season of when the toughest beatings. According to Gill these gloves have been proven to be ignificantly more durable than most other sailing gloves. gillna.com

4-ronstans-sticky-race-gloves-ronstan ☚ 4. Ronstan's 'Sticky' race gloves are a tried and true classic. The older design is a common sight on many a race boat. The "sticky" material in the fingers and palm is designed to reduce fatigue by minimizing the physical effort required to hold line. These gloves are very durable durable and will last season after season. Ronstan has updated the design with a new version of the glove in grey.

5-temres-breathable-warm-gloves-showa 5. When it comes to cold weather sailing gloves, Atlas sets the bar. The Temres Breathable Warm Gloves provide the perfect balance of flexibility and warmth that allow you to maintain range of motion even on the coldest days. These gloves are a staple piece of gear for any college sailor that braves the tail-end of February to start their Spring season.

6-atlas-hot-tamale-showa☚ 6. The Atlas Hot Tamale are the warmer sibling of the Temres glove. These gloves offer significantly more lining and will keep your hands toasty in down to -4o. The drawback? Mobility. These gloves are thick and the warmth comes at the cost of some flexibility. Despite the reduced range of motion however, these gloves are a great choice for frostbiters.

7-atlas-multipurpose-gloves-atlas 7. Just about every company makes a version of the nitrile grip glove, including Atlas. These are a standard purchase for just about any sailor, with good reason; they are cheap, plentiful and fairly durable. They won't outlast the higher quality construction of the Ronstan or Gill race gloves, but at a fraction of the cost, you can afford to replace them more often. Thickness can vary from company to company and version to version, but these gloves are best suited to warm weather sailing as the temperature resistance is minimal.

8-harken-black-magic-glove-harken ☚ 8. The Harken Black Magic glove is designed to provide extra resistance to reduce fatigue while holding lines. The comfort of the glove along with the double thick Black Magic palm material make the gloves a good choice for longer use. Mesh on the back of the hand helps provide a superior fit.

9-harkens-reflex-glove-harken 9. Harken's reflex glove are the higher performance version of the Black Magic classic gloves. With the same grip technology in the palms, the gloves are more rugged so they will last longer than their cheaper counterpart. These gloves will dry soft and reduce stretching.

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