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2017年7月 5日 (水)

Top 10 most beautiful watches to be seen wearing when sailing

Watch_2_jpeg_2From Rolex to Cartier: the top 10 most beautiful watches to be seen wearing when sailing
Stef Bottinelli,

Rolex, Cartier, Raymond Weil.... a good watch should not just look beautiful, it should work like...clockwork and last a lifetime, especially when out sailing. We've chosen our top 10 most beautiful watches that are safe to wear on the water and get you noticed après sailing, at a fabulous yacht party. What are you waiting for?

There are many things to consider when buying a watch, starting with quality, needs and aesthetics. Whether it’s Rolex, Cartier or Raymond Weil, a beautifully made timepiece should last forever and be passed on generation to generation, to become a veritable heirloom. These watches have been created with sailors and water sport lovers in mind, and will complement your settings: from a day out on the water, to a glitzy night on a superyacht.
R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10

Acrii1_170604_145430_b9841e47a66d_2* Bremont AC-R-II

This stunning stainless steel chronograph watch by luxury British watchmaker Bremont (
https://www.bremont.com/watch/ac-r-ii/19190) has been created for the 35th America’s Cup (http://www.ybw.com/boat-events/americas-cup). Bremont are the first British Official Timing Partner to sponsor the race since 1851. This AC-R-II has a 42 hour power reserve, is water resistant up to 100 metres, and it features a hardened stainless steel Bremont Trip-Tick® case construction with scratch resistant DLC treated case barrel. This is a limited edition watch, only 135 timepieces have been created. This is the watch to wear if you are heading to Bermuda to watch the America’s Cup, perhaps aboard a beautiful superyacht (http://www.ybw.com/features/worlds-most-luxurious-charter-yachts-americas-cup-bermuda-49311). Priced at £5,295.

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2017年6月27日 (火)


Www_youtube_com_watchv6wutsctbphq526日から626日まで、1か月の長丁場レースだったアメリカスカップもEmirates Team New Zealandの勝利、最後はあっけない終焉となった。懐かしのバーミューダもまさに「兵(強者)どもの夢の跡」か。世界最高峰のハイテクレース故に情報量不足が否めなかった?ACも、ITの普及のお蔭で随分と身近になったことだけは確かである。

Land Rover BAR | ランドローバーBARチームが相撲部屋(九重部屋)を訪問 

2016-11-17 アメリカズカップワールドシリーズ福岡大会のため、遂にランドローバー
BAR チームが来日。日本の伝統スポーツに敬意を表するためにチームが
Land Rover BARの詳細へ http://bit.ly/2fYJkVR
<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/6wUtSCtbPhQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Ben Ainslei - related articles:
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2015-01-14「Sir Ben Ainslie's Honeymoon」

2012-08-07「Ben Ainslie becomes the greatest over Olympic sailor after wining fourth gold medal - Videos」

2012-05-30「Ben Ainslie - Amazing days in the life of triple Olympic Gold medalist

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2017年5月24日 (水)

A highlight video of Chinese gybes & Getting dismasted ... enjoy!

Scuttlebuttlogo2A highlight video of Chinese gybes & Getting dismasted ... enjoy!
Scuttlebutt Sailing News

PHOTOS: This Does Not End Well
Scuttlebutt Sailing News, Published on April 30th, 2017 
Sharon Green caught a Santa Cruz 27 getting dismasted during Santa Barbara Yacht Club’s beercan racing on April 26.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13

VIDEO: Chinese Gybes are never tasty

Scuttlebutt Sailing News, Published on May 23rd, 2017
The round down is always a bummer. Video below published on May 23, 2017.
<iframe width="620" height="350" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/fz4VxnUmJlw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

*Chinese gybe  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Chinese gybe on a sailing vessel is a type of gybe where the upper section of the main sail moves across the boat, filling from the opposite side, whilst the lower section and boom remain on the original side of the vessel. It contrasts with a normal gybe, where the whole sail moves across the boat as the boat turns its stern through the wind. A Chinese gybe is usually induced by too little tension on the vang or kicking strap, allowing the boom to rise up and the leech of the sail to twist excessively.
The term can be used in a different sense, in which a Chinese gybe is a gybe caused when a boat rolls excessively to windward (usually when running downwind), causing an unexpected and/or uncontrolled change in course (specifically bearing off dangerously). This sense of the term is similar to death roll.

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2017年4月29日 (土)

JSAF外洋内海主催 B級ジャッジ認定(新規)講習会

Jsafb_seminarJSAF外洋内海主催 B級ジャッジ認定(新規)講習会


B級ジャッジ認定(新規)講習会 5月14日(日)9:30から
主催 JSAF外洋内海
2017514日 受付 930分~ セミナー10時~17
西宮ヨットハーバー会議室 西宮市西宮浜4丁目16-1 079833-0651
申込期限 201757日 
JSAF外洋内海eメール yff62765@nifty.com 電話 090-7487-1472

JSAFルール委員会 http://www.jsaf.or.jp/hp/about/committee/rule
:「bnbnewnotice.pdf」をダウンロード 日程:「bnewitiran20170306.pdf」をダウンロード

 JSAF外洋内海ルール委員会 http://jsaf-naikai.jp/ email: yff62765@nifty.com

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2017年4月19日 (水)

Has The Optimist Evolved Too Far?

Www_sailingscuttlebutt_com_2017_0_2Has The Optimist Evolved Too Far?
Scuttlebuttlogo2Scuttlebutt Sailing News
Published on April 16th, 2017

The Optimist has introduced more kids to sailing than other boat, and is the dominant international class for youth competition. While the primary goal during the youth years is to instill the love of sailing, the influence of racing can impact the priorities.

As builders are vying to supply the fastest boats, there apparently remains enough wiggle room to improve on this 70 year old design. However, when new models come out, parents might need to step up to keep their kids from getting stepped on. This reality just hit Carlo Cagna as he shares in this report:
Opti2_gif_3Being how the Optimist is a one design class, should this be allowed? Is this a favoring of some kind to bigger builders? We visited the website of the manufacturer http://www.winneroptimist.dk/optimist/3d-star > and it’s real as they are advertising these faster boats.

How can the Optimist class accept this? I am eager to hear from others about this situation.

Full story:「www_sailingscuttlebutt_has_the_optimist_evolved_too_far.pdf」をダウンロード

Www_winneroptimist_dk_optimist_3d_3Winner Optimist ApS:

3D STAR Complett:「2017_-_DenMark_3D_STAR_packed_price.pdf」をダウンロード
3D STAR Hull:「2017_-_DenMark_3D_STAR_UK.pdf」をダウンロード

RIG OPTIONS:「Optionsitem.pdf」をダウンロード
CATALOG vol no1: http://pdfkataloget.dk/winner2017/


I just downloaded the Optimist price list and coming to terms with the fact that a fully rigged boat, on launching trailer, delivered would cost me in the region of $5000, or the price of several second-hand Flying Fifteens. If I were a parent I would, of course, need to factor in the cost of a RIB and a 4 x 4 to tow everything, together with spare sails and gear. Oh, and the price doesn’t include a paddle or a bailer. Having spent so much the additional dollars would not, one imagines, be a problem. 
- Adrian Morgan

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2017年4月17日 (月)

Kitewing Sailing

VIDEO: Last Day of the Season

Scuttlebuttlogo2Scuttlebutt Sailing News
Published on April 14th, 2017

Kitewing sailing on Squam Lake in New Hampshire on a melting ice sheet on the last day of the season. Video published on Apr 14, 2017.

<iframe width="620" height="350" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/C3qIlR2Bt5k" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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2017年4月14日 (金)

Land Sailing

Www_nalsa_org_worlds2014pages_smithVIDEO: America’s Landsailing Cup 2017
Scuttlebuttlogo2Scuttlebutt Sailing News
Published on April 13th, 2017

The 45th America’s Landsailing Cup Regatta, America’s premier landsailing event, held March 19-24 at Ivanpah Dry Lake, CA. Here is footage of the Mini Skeeter class. Video published on Apr 12, 2017.
<iframe width="620" height="350" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/brejAOyyivs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
1_racecoursenorthwind900 2_racecourseeastwind900 3_racecoursewestwindbig_2
North American Land Sailing Association: http://www.nalsa.org/index.htm
1_156737697_s8mgbncb_wc14bef2014027 2_156744652_k192lylv_wc14mon2014052 3_156744658_6whmgrhj_wc14mon2014058 4_156744680_2dp0qqjc_wc14mon2014080 5_156744740_9usgcuii_wc14mon2014140 6_156745582_lwfapc7x_wc14tue2014099 7_156744752_gzzqhbcr_wc14mon2014152 8_156745596_gu4hgdl0_wc14tue2014113 9_156745615_honinj1k_wc14tue2014131 10_156750327_52idggnt_wc14wed201401 11_156750337_2qba2mey_wc14wed201402 12_156750372_defq4vlw_wc14wed201406 13_156750424_ibx8jawm_wc14wed201411 14_156750448_tre3vtj6_wc14wed201413 15_156750456_xxzby9eb_wc14wed201414

Land Sailing Photos: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/wc14&view=slideshow

2014 Worlds Race Information:「www_nalsa_org_Worlds2014Pages_RaceInfo_html_20170414.pdf」をダウンロード
2014 Worlds Maps and Course Layouts:「www_nalsa_org_Worlds2014Pages_SmithCreekLayout_html_20170414.pdf」をダウンロード

Related article: 2016-10-26
Ice Sailing : Hard Waterhttp://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2016/10/hard-water-ice.html

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2017年3月28日 (火)

O'pen BIC "Un-Regattas" in North America

Sailinganarchy_com_2017_03_23_the_2Subject: New element to O'pen BIC "Un-Regattas" in North America
Sent: Thu, Mar 23, 2017 8:32 am

I thought you would like to see brief video of new element introduced at our North American "Un-Regatta" in Sarasota, Florida this past weekend. 
The idea is to bring some element of X-Games to Youth Sailing. The kids LOVED it.
The "Bridge of Doom" was tested in Sarasota and will next be used at the America's Cup.

Full event video coming next.
Happy sailing,

Vimeo_com_209150095_20170329Event documents: 「2017-NOR-SARASOTA-DRAFT-3-6-17.pdf」をダウンロード 「SailingInstructions.pdf」をダウンロード 「SailingInstructionsAddendumAsplittingthefleet.pdf」をダウンロード 「sssracecoursebic6.pdf」をダウンロード

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2017-03-03「Three (3) regattas in America's Cup」 http://ventoorientale.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2017/03/3-regattas-in-a.html

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2017年2月22日 (水)

JSAF外洋内海主催 B級ジャッジ更新・新規講習会

B_kyu_seminarJSAF外洋内海主催 B級ジャッジ更新・新規講習会


B級ジャッジ「更新」講習会 49日(日)9:30から
主催 JSAF外洋内海
201749日 受付 930分~ セミナー10時~17
西宮浜公民館 西宮市西宮浜4丁目13-1 079834-2002
申込期限 201742日 
JSAF外洋内海Eメール yff62765@nifty.com 電話 090-7487-1472

B級ジャッジ「新規」講習会 514日(日)


JSAFルール委員会 http://www.jsaf.or.jp/hp/about/committee/rule
:「bnbnotice.pdf」をダウンロード  日程:「bnbchedule.pdf」をダウンロード
 JSAF外洋内海ルール委員会 http://jsaf-naikai.jp/ email: yff62765@nifty.com

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2017年2月18日 (土)

The Queen of Post-War yachting photography dies at the age of 101

9Eight Bells: Eileen Ramsay 
Scuttlebuttlogo2Scuttlebutt Sailing News, Published on February 10th, 2017
Source: Barry Pickthall, PPL Photo Agency

Eileen Ramsay, the Queen of British yachting photography during the post war years, died on February 8 at the age of 101.

Ramsay recorded the explosion in small boat sailing during the 1950s and 60s, capturing not only the boats but sailing pioneers like Francis Chichester (*left photo), Alec Rose, Col Blondie Hasler and French legend Eric Tabarly, then pressing the frontiers of solo passage making across the Atlantic and around the world.

7 Her famous archive includes images of Olympic sailors Keith Musto and Tony Morgan, Silver medallists at the 1964 Games at Tokyo in the Flying Dutchman Class (*lower left photo), and Rodney Pattisson and Iain MacDonald-Smith who won Gold for Britain in the same Flying Dutchman class at the Mexico Games in 1968 in the Flying Dutchman two-man trapeze dinghy (*lower right photo). She also recorded the career of Charles Currey, who won Silver at the Helsinki Games in 1952, and Robin Aisher, who represented Britain in the 5.5m keelboat class at the 1960 and ’64 Games before finally winning Bronze at the Acapulco regatta in ’68.

 Other noted sailors to have fallen within Eileen Ramsay’s focus have been Stewart Morris, Gold Medal sailor at the 1948 Games in Torquay, fellow International 14 champion and Olympic representative Bruce Banks, and Sir John Oakeley, the son of wrestling champion Sir Atholl Oakeley, who became one of Britain’s most successful dinghy champions in the 60s and 70s, winning the Merlin Rocket Class championship three times in succession before going on to win the Flying Dutchman world championship.

1----- The rest is omitted.

2_2 3 4 5 6 

Sailing Scuttlebutt:「www_sailingscuttlebutt_com_2017_02_10_eight-bells-eileen-ramsay.pdf」をダウンロード 「www_sailingscuttlebutt_com_2017_02_10_eight-bells-eileen-ramsay.jpg」をダウンロード
sail-world.com: The-Queen-of-Post-War-yachting-photography-dies-at-the-age-of-101:「www_sailworld_com_australia_thequeenofpostwary achtingphotographydiesattheageof101_55.jpg」をダウンロード
'Queen of yachting' captures sailing's golden era on film

Logo_cnn_espaniol_2By Stina Backer for CNN
Updated 1353 GMT (2153 HKT) May 28, 2012

Story highlights
Eileeen Ramsey began her professional career as a 22-year-old in 1937
She pioneered the water-level photography angle, now an industry standard
Her career took off in the 1950s and 1960s when sailing enjoyed a post-war explosion in Britain

The water-level shot - Eileen Ramsay pioneered the water-level photography angle - shooting images of sail boats from as close to the water as possible. (Photo1)

Composition - According to Ramsay, a real photographer doesn't just takes a photograph, they "make" one by working hard to get the best angle. This beautifully-composed image was shot at the 1962 Cowes Week Regatta. (Photo2)

Eileen Ramsay - Ramsay's career took off in the 1950s and 1960s, when the sport of sailing enjoyed a post-war explosion in Britain. Here she is with her trusted Rolleiflex camera in the summer of 1963. (photo3)

Racing past Parliament - Ramsay made sure she was present for the first dinghy race in central London, was held on the river Thames in 1956. (Photo4)

'Black Sails' - This award-winning photograph from 1945 is one of the first nautical-themed images that Ramsay took and is entitled "Black Sails." It remains one of her personal favorites. (Photo5)

'Flying Dutchman' - Sailing legend and clothing company founder Keith Musto is seen here fighting for second place against a French rival during the 1964 "Flying Dutchman" European championships. He and his sailing partner went on to win a silver medal at that year's Olympic Games in Tokyo. (Phhoto6)

Collision caught on camera - Ramsay would always make sure she placed herself where the action was. Here she manages to catch the collision beween a competing yacht and a spectator boat at the 1969 Cowes Week Regatta in England. (photo7)

True colors - Ramsay began taking color pictures in 1962 and set up her own color developing process two years later -- but it took several more years before magazines and newspapers could actually print in color. (Photo8)

In perfect balance - This 1968 shot is of British Olympic hopefuls Rodney Pattisson and Ian MacDonald-Smith on board a "Flying Dutchman." Ramsay recalls that she wasn't allowed to photograph the inside of the boat: "They were much faster than everyone else and didn't want to give any ideas away to the competition," she said. (Photo9)

Dragons in action - Ramsay, who spent her early career doing portrait photography, says she somehow always knew how to successfully compose photograps. Here she lines up a number of "International Dragon" boats, racing during the 1966 Cowes Week Regatta in England. (photo10)

Copy jpeg:「edition_cnn_com_2012_05_28_travel_eileenramsayyachthingphotography_20170218_77.jpg」をダウンロード

PhotoLimited edition copies of her biography ‘Eileen Ramsay – Queen of Yachting Photography',
signed by the photographer are available for £25 + p&p from

Related articles:「coastalboating_net_News_2017_02-2017_10-02-EileenRamsay.pdf」をダウンロード 「coastalboating_net_News_2017_02-2017_10-02-EileenRamsay.jpg」をダウンロード
「www_yachtsandyachting_com_news_155926_20170218.pdf」をダウンロード 「www_yachtsandyachting_com_news_155926_20170218.jpg」をダウンロード

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